Friday, September 18, 2015


* Border Police reservists recruited as security measures increase amid escalating violence The Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee authorized the IDF to call up extra Border Patrol reservists in response to the escalation in Jerusalem, on Friday.

* Report: Israeli officials accuse Turkey of inciting Jerusalem rioting Israel has reportedly pointed to Turkey as responsible for incitement that led to the recent spate of turmoil at the Temple Mount and in Jerusalem, according to Channel 2 on Thursday.

* Syria crisis: US and Russian defence chiefs discuss conflict Secretary of Defence Ashton Carter discussed with Russia's Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu how their two sides can avoid accidentally clashing on the ground, a statement said.

* WATCH: Khamenei threatens 'criminal America' in chilling new video Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei released a video published to YouTube this week in which he warned of an American defeat in any war with Iran.

* Obama and World Mum as Iran Says Israel Will Cease to Exist Over a week has gone by since Iranian leaders' vague threats to destroy Israel have become more specific, yet neither U.S. President Barack Obama nor any other major world leader has condemned it.

* Constant Vigilance: Inside the IDF's 'War Room' The IDF is on constant alert for escalation from Gaza, Maariv revealed Friday, in a special report revealing the inner workings of the IDF's "war room."

* 'Iran is Teaching Gazan Children How to Murder Jews' Journalist David Bedein, head of the Center for Near East Policy Research, spoke to Arutz Sheva on Thursday about how Iran is funding terror camps in Gaza that teach children there how to murder Jews.

* 'The UN Fuels the PA's Fire on Temple Mount' Israeli ambassador to the United Nations (UN) Ron Prosor responded Friday to the UN Security Council, which called for "calm" and "status quo" - namely the banning of Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount - despite days of Muslim rioting.

* Former Nobel official: Obama prize failed to achieve goals In a break with Nobel tradition, the former secretary of the Nobel Peace Prize committee says the 2009 award to President Barack Obama failed to live up to the panel's expectations.

* Saudi King Asks Obama to Stop 'Israeli Attacks' on Temple Mount Saudi Arabia's King Salman on Thursday night phoned President Barack Obama to condemn Israel for what was termed its "grave escalation" on the Temple Mount.