Thursday, July 11, 2019


Sanhedrin to Host Conference of 70 Nations to Take Place on Anniversary of Creation of the World: Nations Answer Call On September 26, the Sanhedrin will be hosting the first conference of the Organization of 70 Nations at which representatives of several nations will attend.

The Two-State Solution is Dead. Is There an Alternative? I am writing this while listening to John Williams’ Schindler’s List for the hundredth time, reminding myself of the immense tragedy of the Shoah and of the small but glorious Schindler redemption and then I think of the creation of Israel as the ultimate redress for millennia of persecution.

Netanyahu: We are preparing for broad, Surprising campaign in Gaza "We do not have the illusion that it is possible to reach a political agreement with this group that wants to wipe the State of Israel off the face of the earth," Netanyahu said.

Hamas threatens Israel after 'security officer' dies Hamas threatens revenge after member killed at border by Israeli soldiers.

Israel mulling defense pact with US in exchange for peace deal approval, report says Critics say the deal would be difficult to implement, and the report likely to be electioneering.

'Only the Strong Survive.' How Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu Is Testing the Limits of Power Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is pacing the stage at a cyberconference in Tel Aviv, and he is not happy.

Disowning Ben-Gurion’s Vision The rejection by Israeli intellectuals of Jewish spiritual and political activism, as exemplified in the preaching and actions of Rabbi Akiva, who was executed by the Romans for his support of the Bar-Kochba revolt (132-35 CE), runs counter to the thinking of David Ben-Gurion, who considered himself a disciple and successor of the eminent sage.

Abbas’ advisor praises Nazi collaborator as “role model” Known Nazi collaborator, the former Mufti of Palestine Haj Amin Al-Husseini, was openly honored by Abbas' Advisor on Religious Affairs and Islamic Relations, Mahmoud Al-Habbash.

Libya-Turkey Tensions Forces loyal to the Libyan militia leader Khalifa Haftar lost control of the strategically significant town of Gharyan.

Iran sets up command center at Abu Kamal for attacks on US targets and Israel The small east Syrian town of Abu Kamal near the Iraqi border is under close US military and Israeli surveillance.