Wednesday, November 04, 2015


Putin tops Forbes' Most Powerful People list  Vladimir Putin has topped Forbes' list of the Most Powerful People in the world for the third year in a row. 

Sinai plane crash: Bomb fears prompt Sharm flights suspension  The Russian plane that crashed in Egypt at the weekend "may well have been brought down by an explosive device", Downing Street has said. 

Why are Russians flocking to join Syria mission?  Sources say veterans of covert Soviet op. to prop up Damascus after Israeli invasion of Lebanon among those drafted to save Assad. 

Thousands of flag-burning Iranians mark US embassy seizure  Nuke deal notwithstanding, protesters chant 'Down with USA' and 'Down with Israel' during annual demonstration in Tehran. 

PA's Temple Mount sheikh arrested for incitement  Sheikh arrested after being exposed in videos teaching Jews worship satan and created disease in weekly Temple Mount lessons. 

Jordanian cleric walks back fatwa against killing Jews  After facing a backlash for the comments from the Muslim Brotherhood and other political rivals, Sheikh Halabi releases two new videos. 

UN chief: 'Expanding settlements' shattering hopes for peace  In a message marking Rabin assassination, Ban Ki-moon cites "settlements" as one of the things impeding peace. 

Iran shutters first KFC for 'being too American'  Tehran shuts fake KFC branch down for association with American franchise, saying US is a 'major enemy'. 

Technion Nano Bible, world's smallest, displayed at Smithsonian  There are a limited number of copies of the Nano Bible in existence. 

Report: IDF to boost manpower by widening combat requirements  Soldiers who barely miss the mark for physical health required for combat service could be upgraded to behind-the-scenes roles in the field.