Saturday, March 30, 2019


Gaza protests: Thousands mark 'Great Return' anniversary Tens of thousands of Palestinians are demonstrating in Gaza to mark the anniversary of the start of weekly protests on the boundary with Israel.

Watch: Hamas in their own words Hamas leaders and terrorists promise to 'tear the hearts out' of Israelis, 'pounce on them with knives.'

Sit Rep: ‘March of Return’ One Year On This coming weekend marks the first anniversary of the Hamas-organized weekly Friday protests at the Israel-Gaza border, colloquially known as the “March of Return.“

Israeli Officials Slam EU over ‘Shameful’ Rejection of Golan Heights Sovereignty Israeli officials slammed the European Union over its “shameful” rejection of Israeli sovereignty on the Golan Heights, despite President Donald Trump signing an order of recognition earlier this week.

Egyptian brokers may restrain Israel – but not Hamas or its marches for terror “Hamas doesn’t want a large-scale military confrontation” is Israeli officials’ favorite term to explain why no major IDF offensive is launched to stop the terrorist plague unleashed from Gaza year after year.

Donald Trump's gift to Bashar Assad By unilaterally declaring American support for Israel's claim to the Golan Heights, the US president has united the world against the move, and given much needed legitimacy to the Syrian president and his scorched earth approach to clinging onto power.

Iran Warns Arabs about Trump’s Bid to ‘Steal’ Their Lands The Iranian foreign minister has called for unity in the Muslim world to counter plots by the US and the Israeli regime, saying they seek to “steal” the lands of Arab countries even though they apparently offer handshakes to Arab leaders.

Germany Blames ‘Silver Spoon’ U.K. Elite for Brexit Chaos The prescheduled vote, come just one day after the US President Donald Trump said the United European exasperation over the chaos in Brexit talks descended into profanity and name-calling, as Germany’s deputy foreign minister said the U.K. government consists mostly of clueless boarding-school graduates.

The Israeli-Egyptian Peace: 40 Years On In stark contrast to the extraordinary vision and courage displayed by PM Menachem Begin and Egyptian President Anwar Sadat in signing the peace treaty 40 years ago, the Palestinian leadership emerges as staunchly rejectionist and a serial squanderer of opportunities for peace.

Ancient West Bank site draws Christians, and controversy Tel Shilo, traditionally believed to have been the site of the biblical tabernacle - despite no archaeological proof - stirs controversy over competing narratives of archaeology, religion, and nationalism.

Friday, March 29, 2019


U.S. Government Maps to Show Israeli Sovereignty over Golan Heights The Jerusalem Post reports: United States government maps are slated to be redrawn to reflect US President Donald Trump's official recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, according to a report by Voice of America.

Iran to 'resist' Trump decision on Israel's hold over Golan Iran's president vows his country will resist Trump's recognition of Israel's sovereignty over Golan.

Hamas: Coming hours will decide if conflict continues Hamas says 'marathon of talks' with Egypt continue and coming hours crucial, as Egypt demands Hamas take 'active steps' to prevent conflict.

What Hamas really wants from its latest attacks on Israel A rocket launch from Gaza on Monday destroyed a house north of Tel Aviv, injuring six family members, including three children as young as 18 months old.

Gaza braces for anniversary of demonstrations at frontier with Israel UN says 194 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli fire and close to 29,000 wounded in past 12 months.

End-of-Days Expert: Disaster Drills, Sign 'Governments Know Something Big is Coming' In what may be seen as an ominous case of synchronicity, earthquake and tsunami drills were held all over the world in the last month.

Brexit: MPs voting on 22 May departure plan Theresa May has told MPs this is their "last opportunity to guarantee Brexit", as they vote on her EU withdrawal agreement.

The Latest: Barnier: Chaotic Brexit now is 'more likely' The chief European Union's Brexit negotiator says that a chaotic no-deal departure of Britain from the bloc "has become more likely."

Turkey: Air Defense Purchase From Russia 'A Done Deal' Turkey will honor its air defense deal with Russia, Ankara said on Friday after four US senators introduced a bill to ban the planned delivery of F-35 fighter jets if Turkey ignored US opposition and accepted the S-400 system.

IDF at peak readiness in Gaza sector, adds reinforcements after failed Egyptian truce bid Israel's armed forces around Gaza are at peak readiness for Hamas' "March of the Million" on Friday and Saturday, March 30-31.

Thursday, March 28, 2019


IDF Soldiers on High Alert After Continued Rocket Fire After a heated night along the Gazan border with at least 30 rockets fired from Gaza towards Israel, there is a day of calm.

Erekat: US, Israel planning to annex Judea and Samaria PLO Secretary General: US recognition of Israeli sovereignty on the Golan Heights paves the way for "annexation of the West Bank."

Netanyahu: Israel's Preparing for a Broad Campaign in Gaza The IDF also deployed additional snipers have also been stationed to defend troops from Gazan sniper fire and explosive devices thrown by Palestinians.

Palestinian Leaders Punish Gaza, Blame Israel Rather than demanding that Hamas cease and desist from endangering the lives of Palestinians by sending them to clash with Israeli soldiers, the Palestinian Authority (PA) and its leaders are condemning Israel for perpetrating "crimes" against Palestinians.

Road to next war begins in Golan When Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the heir to the throne of Austro-Hungary, took a wrong turning in Sarajevo in 1914 the world found itself on the road to WW1.

Egyptian cease-fire mediators shuttle between Israel, Gaza Egyptian mediators are heading to Israel to discuss a potential cease-fire plan with Hamas to end hostilities in the Gaza Strip that began earlier this week.

Iran's New Long Game: Outlast Trump Iranian leaders are running out of options as President Donald Trump tightens the economic noose on the already ailing hardline regime, which is now intent on outlasting the Trump administration in hopes that a friendlier U.S. politician can beat him in the 2020 election, according to U.S. officials and regional experts.

Libyan Strongman Haftar Visits Saudi King Salman in Riyadh Libyan military commander Khalifa Haftar, who has conquered well over half the country despite the international community formally recognizing an entirely different government as legitimate, was a guest of Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz in Riyadh on Wednesday.

Theresa May offers her head in last-ditch bid to save her Brexit deal as MPs can't back ANY other plan despite seizing control of Parliament In a historic encounter with Tory MPs, the Prime Minister promised to hand over to a new PM within months.

Brexit: What just happened? Members of Parliament have rejected eight different proposals on Britain's withdrawal from the European Union (EU).

Wednesday, March 27, 2019


A Night on the Gaza Border, Waiting for Another War The Gaza border is haunted by memories of former wars.

IDF build-up continues in Gaza sector. More Hamas rockets expected this week As both sides gird up for a showdown, whether or not it will take place is anyone's guess, given the dense blackout of secrecy on the duelers' intentions.

US Recognition of the Golan Paves Way for Other Biblical Lands An Israeli official pointed to US President Donald Trump's recognition of Israeli sovereignty on the Golan Heights as an opportunity to officially reclaim other biblical lands captured during the Six Day War.

EU: We Do Not Recognize Israel's Sovereignty Over the Golan Heights US President Donald Trump on Monday signed an official presidential proclamation recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights.

Apocalypse Now: Why Israel Would Start a Nuclear War How might that happen? We can imagine a few scenarios, most of which involve an increase in hostility between Israel and its more tolerant neighbors.

Glacier Growth Puzzles Climate Change Scientists But Conforms Nicely With Prophecy New data from NASA shows that a huge glacier in Greenland is now growing in an unprecedented manner that seems to contradict the popular theory of global warming.

'A real Brexit revolt' under way in UK, European parliament's Guy Verhofstadt says The European parliament's top Brexit official has said "a real Brexit revolt" is under way in the United Kingdom.

UK parliament set to vote on the next move for Brexit British MPs are due to hold votes this Wednesday on various Brexit options, as Prime Minister Theresa May comes under pressure to announce a departure plan and garner support for her unpopular divorce deal from the European Union.

Erdogan's Dangerous Ambitions Threaten India and Beyond The age of empire has come and gone, but in some quarters, the imperialist dream is alive and well. Leaders continue to appear on the world stage from time to time to style themselves in this fashion.

Israel-Bashing Season Re-Opens in Turkey Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's political and social engineering has changed the way the average Turk identifies himself: Most Turks used to identify themselves as "Turks first."

Tuesday, March 26, 2019


Will Israeli Elections Bring Back the Real Passover Sacrifice? One week after the Israeli elections next month, a reenactment of the Passover Temple service will be held.

Hamas fights Fatah by launching missiles at Israelis This morning Hamas launched a missile into Israel at a town north of Tel Aviv. Seven Israelis were injured, two of them seriously.

Understanding Gaza: The History That Fuels the Conflict This 140-square-mile stretch of land located along the Mediterranean coast between Egypt and Israel has endured decades of protest, military operations and violence.

Russia: US Golan move will lead to 'new tensions' Moscow warns against "new wave of tensions" in the Middle East following Trump's recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights.

Why Trump recognised Israel's claim on the Golan Heights Trump hopes his gestures of unconditional support for Israel will mobilise US evangelicals and win him a re-election.

Iran's Rouhani Slams 'Unprecedented' U.S. Golan Recognition - IRNA "No one could imagine that a person in America comes and gives land of a nation to another occupying country... Such action is unprecedented," Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said.

Netanyahu Compares Trump to Cyrus for Recognizing Golan To paraphrase Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, once again President Trump showed that the American people stand behind Israel by becoming the first world leader to officially recognize Israeli sovereignty on the Golan.

Caroline Glick: Why Trump Recognized Israeli Sovereignty over the Golan Now Former Obama administration officials, and the left-leaning Israeli media, interpreted President Donald Trump's March 21 decision to recognize Israel's sovereignty over the Golan Heights as a bid to help Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's electoral prospects ahead of Israel's Knesset elections on April 9.

Revoke Article 50 petition to cancel Brexit becomes most popular in Parliament website's history with 4.2 million signatures An online petition calling on the Government to revoke Article 50 and cancel Brexit has become the most popular petition to be submitted to the Parliament website.

With spring having sprung, it's time to see Jerusalem abloom City of David archaeological site offers guided tours to flowers in the Kidron Valley.

Monday, March 25, 2019


IDF Strikes Terror Targets in Gaza, Hits Secret Hamas 'Headquarters' Retaliatory strikes expected to last hours.

Trump Signs Document Officially Recognizing Israeli Control Over Golan Before the meeting Trump is expected to sign a declaration recognizing Israel's sovereignty over the Golan.

Will Israeli Elections Bring Back the Real Passover Sacrifice? One week after the Israeli elections next month, a reenactment of the Passover Temple service will be held.

'Attack on sovereignty & territorial integrity' - Syria reacts to Trump's Golan Heights move Calling the decision a "flagrant attack" on Syrian territorial sovereignty, an official from Syria's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has condemned Donald Trump's recognition of Israel's claim to the occupied Golan Heights.

Finance Minister: All Gaza groups are terrorists 'Hamas is responsible for rocket attack, none of its leaders have immunity,' Finance Min. Kahlon says.

Iran Stands Ready to Restart Nuclear Weapons Program Trump admin sanctions individuals, entities linked to weapons of mass destruction program.

Venezuela crisis: Russian military planes land near Caracas Two Russian military planes landed in Venezuela's main airport on Saturday, reportedly carrying dozens of troops and large amounts of equipment.

Golan Heights: Trump signs order recognising occupied area as Israeli President Donald Trump has officially recognised Israeli sovereignty over the occupied Golan Heights, seized from Syria in 1967, in a move hailed as "historic" by Israel's prime minister.

US boosts forces in Iraq/Syria, backing recognition of Israeli sovereignty over Golan Exclusive: The US has continued to buttress its military presence in E. Syria and W. Iraq in six bases, since the buildup was first reported by DEBKAfile on March 9.

Archaeological Excavation Reveals Extent of Religious Reforms Described in Book of Kings A new Jerusalem Bible Lands Museum exhibition on the rescue excavation taking place at Tel Beit Shemesh will highlight the pivotal historical evidence being revealed.

Saturday, March 23, 2019


Syria vows to 'liberate' the Golan Syrian government responds to Trump, says Golan Heights will remain "Syrian and Arab".

IDF braces for violent protests in north after US recognizes Golan sovereignty Israeli military and police ready for tensions on both sides of border with Syria after Trump’s declaration of Israel’s sovereignty over the plateau on Thursday

Jordan’s king warns Israel: ‘Jerusalem is a red line’ In the wake of recent tensions on the Temple Mount, King Abdullah II of Jordan said, “To me, Jerusalem is a red line, and all my people are with me.”

Pompeo Wants Israel ‘Wide-Eyed and Awake to the Threats Posed by China’ Secretary of State Mike Pompeo cautioned Israelis about the dangers of doing business with China, ranging from debt colonialism to technology theft and espionage, in an interview with Israeli correspondent Barak Ravid on Thursday.

Guide to the Perplexed: End of Days and Purim On Wednesday evening, Jews around the world will begin celebrating Purim, one of the most joyous yet intentionally inexplicable holidays of the Hebrew calendar.

ANALYSIS: How Iran is Preparing for War With Israel Iranian leaders are very outspoken about their plans with Israel and have repeatedly warned that the ‘Zionist project’ or the Zionist ‘cancer tumor’ will be erased very soon.

POMPEO: Trump possibly sent from God to ‘Help save the Jewish people’ He continued that “the work that our administration’s done to make sure that this democracy in the Middle East, that this Jewish state, remains,” and he is “confident that the Lord is at work here.

UNRHC voted 26-16 against Israel's 'occupation' of the Golan Heights The prescheduled vote, come just one day after the US President Donald Trump said the United States would recognize Israeli sovereignty on the Golan.

There's only one logical way forward for Britain and Brexit Display at the Perhaps the best one can hope for this coming week in the United Kingdom, in light of a slightly extended Brexit deadline to April 12, is something akin to a failed suicide.

My Europe: The dangerous 'Balkanization' of the EU In today's European Union, bickering local elites rely on the support of global powers. Europe has been torn apart by competing factions, warns Ivaylo Ditchev, a cultural anthropologist from Bulgaria.

Friday, March 22, 2019


Trump recognizes Golan to counter Iran's first steps for annexing Lebanon to Syria US President Donald Trump's declared recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan on Thursday, March 21, had a time-sensitive object, unconnected to the Israeli election or Binyamin Netanyahu's run for reelection, as his rivals contended.

Erdogan Rips Trump: 'Golan recognition will plunge Middle East into new crisis' At emergency meeting of Organization of Islamic Cooperation Erdogan vows to resist US recognition of Israeli sovereignty over Golan Heights.

Foreign Powers Condemn Trump Statement Over Israeli Sovereignty in Golan The Syrian government, and many other foreign powers, condemned on Friday US President Donald Trump's statement that it was time to recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights and said Syria was determined to recover the area "through all available means."

Arab League: Golan Heights 'occupied Syrian territory' Arab League rejects Trump's announcement on Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, supports Syria.

Trump Delivers Purim Miracle: Grants Israel Sovereignty over Golan In a manner that mirrored the Biblical nature of the Purim holiday as an aspect of Jewish redemption, President Trump announced on Thursday that his administration will recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights.

Erekat: Trump's move will cause bloodshed PLO Secretary General blasts Trump over his call for the US to officially recognize Israel's sovereignty over the Golan Heights.

Brexit: Departure date pushed back by at least two weeks Theresa May has been granted an extra two weeks to come up with a Brexit solution after talks with EU leaders.

Christians in Jerusalem concerned over outcome of Israeli election While the world waits to see if Benjamin Netanyahu can hold on to power, a small Christian minority in Jerusalem is nervous over the outcome of the Israeli elections, as their large land holdings have become political fodder.

Palestinians: The Other Peace Deal Hamas is now accusing the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Fatah of exploiting the economic crisis in the Gaza Strip to call on Palestinians to overthrow the Hamas regime.

Trump: Time to recognise Golan Heights as Israeli territory President Donald Trump has overturned decades of US policy by saying it is time to recognise Israel's sovereignty over the occupied Golan Heights, which it captured from Syria in 1967.

Thursday, March 21, 2019


Amid Temple Mount tensions, Jordan king calls Jerusalem 'a red line' Abdullah says kingdom has 'duty' to protect religious sites in city following closure of contested Gate of Mercy compound.

ANALYSIS: How Iran is Preparing for War With Israel Iranian leaders are very outspoken about their plans with Israel and have repeatedly warned that the 'Zionist project' or the Zionist 'cancer tumor' will be erased very soon.

Jordanian king vows to protect Jerusalem holy sites Jordan's King Abdullah II is vowing to keep protecting Islamic and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem, calling it a "red line" for his country.

Peace Plan Now: 'Deal of the Century' Should be Revealed Before April Elections Co-founders of the Israeli NGO Blue White Future explain that a balanced peace plan could offer hope to both Israelis and Palestinians.

Sanhedrin Calls on Israel's Greatest Enemy to Follow Tradition and Build Third Temple The nascent Sanhedrin has turned a dispute between the Israeli Prime Minister and the Iranian Foreign Minister into an opportunity to invite Israel's greatest enemy to help build the Third Temple.

Purim Supermoon: Countdown to Messiah After reading the Book of Esther for the holiday of Purim on Wednesday evening, Jews leaving the synagogue will be greeted by the sight of a supermoon overhead, a phenomenon to which some rabbinic experts ascribe great import.

Brexit: Theresa May 'hopes' UK will leave EU with a deal Theresa May has said she "sincerely hopes" the UK will leave the EU with a deal and she is still "working on" ensuring Parliament's agreement.

Macron says no-deal Brexit if British MPs reject May's plan again The UK will have to leave the EU with "no deal" if the British MPs reject the EU-backed accord once again, the French President Emmanuel Macron has warned.

Pompeo, in Israel, says Hezbollah putting Lebanon at risk U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday described the heavily armed Hezbollah group as a risk to their fellow Lebanese and conferred with Israel about the Iranian-backed militia ahead of a trip to Beirut.

Dead seas: How a water crisis in Jordan could threaten Middle East peace Jordan, one of the world's driest countries, is in desperate need of water, or the region's security and vital peace deals are on the line, Bel Trew reports in the fourth part of her Water Wars series.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019


Are the Temple Vessels Ready for Purim? As Jews celebrate Purim on Wednesday evening (Thursday, in Jerusalem) it may be significant to consider the recent reappearance of many, if not all, of the Temple vessels that played a subtle yet significant role in the Purim story.

Even if Netanyahu goes, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will continue After a decade in office, Benjamin Netanyahu's long tenure as Israel's prime minister may soon be ending.

Palestinians are rising up against Hamas, and getting swiftly smacked down Hamas, recognized by Canada as a terrorist group, has controlled Gaza since 2007 with devastating economic consequences for the enclave's two million people.

How Do Jews Celebrate Purim in Israel? - Video A short film produced by the World Jewish Congress highlights Purim party images from 1934 until today.

It's Purim, and Bibi's the Only One Who Gets It In yet another inexplicable, some would say divine, turn of events, the future of Israel is once again weighing in the balance, and just in time for Purim.

Critics slam UN for pointing fingers at Israel in new report while not also condemning Hamas' use of human shields It has almost been one year since the start of the Gaza-Israel border uprisings that left 189 Palestinians dead in a monthslong rash of violent demonstrations demanding an end to the blockade on Gaza and the right to return to their lands.

UK's May asks a wary EU to delay Brexit until June 30 Exactly 1,000 days after Britain voted to leave the European Union, and nine days before it is scheduled to walk out the door, Prime Minister Theresa May hit the pause button Wednesday, asking the bloc to postpone the U.K.'s departure until June 30.

Iran Denies Hacking Benny Gantz's Phone Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi said that "the (Israeli) regime's officials are long used to spreading lies," according to the state news agency IRNA.

Iranian, Syrian, Iraqi army chiefs plot joint operation for opening Syrian-iraqi border In the first meeting ever of the Iranian, Syrian and Iraqi armed forces chiefs on Monday, March 18 in Damascus, it was decided to launch a joint operation for reopening the border between Syria and Iraq.

Turkey: Putin's Ally in NATO? On March 7, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Turkey would never turn back from the S-400 missile deal with Russia.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019


Iraq-Syria-Iran Hold 'Tripartite' Meeting Against U.S. in Syria "We have shown our unity in this war and fighting together against enemies," Syrian President Bashar Assad said, according to Iran's Tasnim news.

Iran Brings Iraq and Syria Together, says U.S. Troops 'Will Leave Sooner or Later' Iran has boosted ties with allies Iraq and Syria, bringing the two war-struck Arab neighbors together at a time when the U.S. is struggling to assert its foreign policy vision in the region.

Israel's Place in the Middle East Mayhem The image of a unified Israeli-Saudi front has significant deterrence value against Iran but should also be used within the context of solving the GCC crisis.

Iranian Commander: All of Israel Within Reach of Hezbollah's Missiles Tehran deployed some of its warships to Bab el-Mandeb strait, which connects the Red Sea to the Gulf of Aden.

Muslims Try to Plant Another Mosque on Temple Mount The Jerusalem Magistrate's Court has ordered the state to immediately shut the Bab el-Rahma structure that is facing the Golden Gate, or Gate of Mercy.

Poll: Majority of Palestinians Want Abbas to Resign They also said they oppose the 'deal of the century.

IDF announces closure of West Bank, Gaza during Purim holiday The Israel Defense Force (IDF) announced Tuesday that it would impose a general closure on the West Bank and all border crossings to the Gaza Strip ahead of the upcoming Purim holiday following assessments of the security situation.

Oil profits grease Trump administration's move to recognize Israeli annexation of Golan Washington last week gave another sign that the Trump administration is moving towards declaring the Golan Heights to be Israeli sovereign territory. At the heart of the move are huge anticipated US-Israeli oil profits.

Piers Morgan warns Tony Blair there'll be 'hell to pay' if there's a second Brexit referendum after the former PM DENIES helping the EU frustrate May in order to pave the way for a second vote Piers Morgan has warned hardcore Remainer Tony Blair there would be 'hell to pay' if politicians forced the country into a second Brexit referendum.

What Happens Next in Brexit? Two Cliff-Edges and a Summit Prime Minister Theresa May is still fighting to get her Brexit deal through Parliament with just days to go until the U.K. is meant to leave the European Union.

Monday, March 18, 2019


Muslims Try to Plant Another Mosque on Temple Mount The Jerusalem Magistrate's Court has ordered the state to immediately shut the Bab el-Rahma structure that is facing the Golden Gate, or Gate of Mercy.

BIN Video Report From Temple Mount: Arab Riots and Thanksgiving Offering Breaking Israel News joined a Jewish mass ascension to the Temple Mount, braving angry Palestinians and joyously participating in a covert ceremony intended as the first tiny step towards reinstating the Temple service.

Jordan MPs call for expulsion of Israel ambassador Jordanian lawmakers on Monday sought to expel the Israeli ambassador from the kingdom in response to "ongoing Israel aggression" at holy sites in Jerusalem.

Palestine slams 'illegal' Israeli closure of Bab al-Rahma gate The Palestinian presidential office on Sunday denounced Israel closure of the Bab al-Rahma gate that leads to al-Aqsa Mosque as "illegal".

Israel Foils Palestinian Teenager's Stabbing Attack at Tomb of the Patriarchs A Palestinian teenage girl who tried to sneak a knife into the Tomb of the Patriarchs in the West Bank city of Hebron on Sunday was detained by security forces, police said.

Think About It: Brexit and The Current Israeli Political Situation Could such a major misjudgment, with such far-reaching ramifications, occur in Israel?

Egypt to Hamas: 'Israel Will Destroy You, We Won't Intervene' Shortly after 9 p.m. on Thursday-minutes after sirens blared across central Israel and a loud boom overhead shook the area-senior Egyptian intelligence officers became outraged during a meeting with Hamas officials in Gaza.

Rouhani urges Iranians to 'put all your curses on Zionists, US' Iran's president urged Iranians Monday to put a curse on the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia - blaming the US and its allies for his country's ailing economy.

Peace with the Arab States and the Palestinians Must be Delinked US officials and envoys dangle the prospect of peace with Arab states in front of Israel as bait to encourage it to make painful concessions on the Palestinian issue.

"Dangerous Nuclear Schemes" The proposed policies, if adopted by the new leadership in the House, would certainly fracture whatever consensus exists today to modernize America's strategic nuclear deterrent -- and at a time when both Russia and China are charging ahead militarily, and Iran and North Korea are racing toward a deliverable nuclear weapons capability.

Saturday, March 16, 2019


Parshat Vayikra: Can there be a replacement for the Temple? Yes, the Jewish nation survived. It maintained a strong national awareness and even returned to its land by the grace of God.

Bombing 100 empty terror sites won’t deter Hamas from its next rocket assault on Tel Aviv On Friday morning, March 15, the IDF spokesman reported the bombardment of 100 Hamas targets by IAF jets, helicopters and drones, in response to a twin rocket attack on the Tel Aviv region the night before.

The Deal of the Century doesn’t stand a chance Under the present circumstances, peace is more distant than ever in the Holy Land.

Why is Turkey's presence in Afrin, SYRIA ANY DIFFERENT THAN THE WEST BANK? Turkey’s continued role in Afrin, a year after military occupation began in March 2018, is under spotlight as US State Department and UN highlight abuses.

Iran Inches Closer to its Goal: "Wipe Israel off the Map" Iran's military activities and clear public threats to annihilate Israel continue to grow in frequency and intensity.

Here's A Crazy Idea: A European Union Aircraft Carrier Maybe Germany is planning revenge for Brexit by sinking British merchant ships in the North Atlantic again.

COMMENTARY: For Such a Time as This! As Jews the world over next week mark a feast they have celebrated annually for the past 2,500 years, it presents a perfect opportunity for the church to step into the breach on behalf of God’s chosen people.
Peace with the Arab States and the Palestinians Must be Delinked US officials and envoys dangle the prospect of peace with Arab states in front of Israel as bait to encourage it to make painful concessions on the Palestinian issue.

An exhibit in South Africa recalls the exodus of Ethiopian Jews to Israel Display at the South African Jewish Museum highlights the 1984-85 Operation Moses, but doesn’t delve into the depth of suffering and loss of life encountered along the way.

Likud MK: Netanyahu ready to conquer Gaza before elections ‘if need be’ Opposition accuses PM of having lost Israel’s deterrence, but Labor MK says it’s ‘absurd’ her colleagues are going after PM for showing restraint

Friday, March 15, 2019


ANALYSIS: What's Behind the Crisis Over the Temple Mount? On Tuesday, Israeli police finally decided to close the Temple Mount in Jerusalem after a Muslim terrorist threw a firebomb at a station of the Border Police near the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Israel launches airstrikes on 'terror sites in Gaza' after attack on Tel Aviv, military says The Israeli military early Friday announced it had launched airstrikes on "terror sites in Gaza," a retaliatory move after rockets blamed on the militant group Hamas were fired on Tel Aviv.

Rockets on Tel Aviv: 6 Short Comments The event: Two rockets fired from Gaza in Tel Aviv. No one was hurt.

Christchurch shootings: 49 dead in New Zealand mosque attacks Forty-nine people have been killed and at least 20 wounded in shootings at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, in the nation's deadliest attack.

Erdogan says New Zealand attack shows growing hostility to Islam Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Friday condemned the deadly attack on two mosques in New Zealand, saying it illustrated the growing hostility towards Islam "idly" watched by the world.

U.N. Human Rights Council Set to Condemn Israel for Golan 'Occupation' It is one of five anti-Israel resolutions the UNHRC is set to debate on Monday and will vote on toward the end of the week.

US 'linguistics' have changed the status of the occupied Golan Heights The US State Department released its annual human rights report on Wednesday referring to the 'Israeli-occupied' Golan Heights as 'Israeli-controlled'.

Britain Votes To Delay Brexit After Chaotic Week In Parliament. Here's What That Means As earthquakes go in recent British politics, this one was the largest. Across three successive evenings, lawmakers handed down three scathing defeats to Prime Minister Theresa May.

Israel vs. its Enemies in Europe Ireland's Senate recently voted to support organizations, many headed by terrorists, in imposing a boycott on Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East.

Rocket fire on Tel Aviv pushes Gaza to center stage in Israel's elections Until now, candidates traded accusations of corruption, racism and incompetence, but mostly ignored the volatile situation in the Hamas-run Strip. That changed on Thursday night.

Thursday, March 14, 2019


Wakf says it will start renovating Golden Gate site In a move signaling the possible end of the crisis, the Wakf Council announced on Wednesday that it will start "immediate renovation and reconstruction work" at the Golden Gate site on the Temple Mount, also known as Bab a-Rahma.

Israel says Hezbollah suspect in U.S. troop deaths now active on Golan Israel on Wednesday accused a suspected Lebanese Hezbollah operative who was previously held in Iraq over the killing of five U.S. military personnel of now setting up a Syrian guerrilla network for cross-border attacks on Israeli targets.

Iran warns of firm response if Israel acts against its oil shipments Iran will respond firmly to any Israeli naval action against its oil shipments, Iran's defense minister said on Wednesday, in comments that came a week after Israel's prime minister said its navy could act against Iranian oil "smuggling" to enforce U.S. sanctions.

Iran's Ballistic Missile Program: New Developments Iran's rapid development of missile expertise has raised concerns in Washington and among its allies about Tehran's intentions.

Bringing Fruit Offerings to God on Temple Mount Rabbi Yisrael Ariel - founder of the Temple Institute - made a blessing over fruit on the Temple Mount, brought by a woman who came especially from the Golan, to give thanks for her husband's recent recovery from sickness.

50 Iranian Drones Conduct Massive 'Way to Jerusalem' Exercise - Report The point of the drill is to showcase Iran's military prowess. It comes in the wake of a large naval drill in February and frequent new tests of ballistic missiles.

Palestinians: Abbas Stands 'Trial' for Treason To some, the mock trial in the Gaza Strip of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas may seem trivial or like some sort of bizarre comedy act.

Boris Johnson says Britain will leave the EU on March 29 after last-minute deal Britain will leave the European Union on March 29 after a deal is reached "at five minutes to midnight", former British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said on Wednesday.

Erdogan says Turkey will start filling Ilisu dam in June Turkey will start filling the Ilisu dam on the Tigris river in June, President Tayyip Erdogan said on Thursday, despite protests from Iraq when the dam briefly began holding back water in mid-summer a year ago.

Has the U.S. Alliance With Israel Finally Run Its Course? Blindly backing Israel has become an article of faith, a civic religion even, for mainstream American politicians.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019


Riots on Temple Mount, Palestinians Throw Explosive Device at Police The Jerusalem Police closed all entrances to the Temple Mount on Tuesday after Palestinians reportedly threw a Molotov cocktail at a police outpost on the compound.

Israeli Police Stands Strong in Holy War At The Gate of Mercy A video released by Hamas media intended to show the brutality of Israeli police showed instead one lone policeman standing strong against in the battle for Judaism's holiest site.

Clock winding down on Israel's Bab al-Rahma ultimatum Tension has been growing at the Bab al-Rahma (Mercy Gate) prayer house on the grounds of the Al-Aqsa mosque complex, particularly since the deadline for Palestinians to close the building is now over and Israeli-Jordanian talks to resolve the crisis failed.

Defending nation-state law, PM says Israeli Arabs have 22 other countries Netanyahu brushes off criticism of controversial legislation, says individual rights anchored in preexisting laws.

Report: Hamas readying for Israeli attack Terror group warns members of its military wing not to accept gifts, avoid smartphones.

Lindsey Graham: Giving Up Golan Heights Would Be Israeli Strategic Nightmare Senator Lindsey Graham, on a visit to Israel's north with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said Israel must keep the Golan Heights or face a "strategic nightmare," and vowed that he would work to get U.S. recognition of the area as part of sovereign Israel.

Indyk: 'Like it or not, Golan Heights are Syrian' Ex-US ambassador: 'To recognize Israel's annexation of territory that is not its own is to play with fire for partisan political purposes.'

The Brexit disaster could destroy the United Kingdom If you're ever feeling glum about the wretched state of American politics, you can give thanks that at least we aren't the god-forsaken United Kingdom.

Rouhani is in Baghdad to harness Iraq's banks for beating US anti-Iran oil sanctions Iran's president Hassan Rouhani started a visit to Baghdad on Monday, March 11, for the main purpose of harnessing Iraq's banks as Tehran's main mechanism for beating the US sanction on its oil sales.

Islamic State group calls on followers to avenge Syria siege IS calls on supporters to carry out attacks in defense of die-hard militants besieged by US-backed forces in Syrian village.

Monday, March 11, 2019


Conflicting Reports Suggest Israel Capitulated, Ceding Temple Mount Site to Palestinians Two weeks ago, Palestinians rioted on the Temple Mount, breaking into an area adjacent to Sha'ar HaRachamim (Gate of Mercy, also known as the Golden Gate) in the Temple Mount compound.

Strenuous Israeli diplomacy with Egypt and Jordan defuses escalating disputes over Gaza, Temple Mount Israel's Mossad Director Yossie Cohen and National Security Adviser Meir Ben-Shabat were able to avert violent blow-ups around the Gaza Strip and Temple Mount's Golden Gate by intense negotiations with Cairo and Amman over week's end.

Official PA TV teaches children that Israel will come to an end: "All of Palestine will return to us" Despite insurances from Palestinian Authority leaders that they support a two-state solution and want to live side by side with Israel, the PA continues to teach children that Israel will come to an end.

Netanyahu: Israel is NOT a State of All Its Citizens. It's the JEWISH State Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday ramped up his nationalistic rhetoric ahead of Israel's general election on April 9.

Things Are About to Change: Oil and Gas Have Been Found in the Eastern Mediterranean Large quantities of oil and natural gas have been discovered in the East Med and the race to extract them has begun.

Jordan's King Abdullah to meet with Pence on Middle East peace plan Jordanian King Abdullah II will meet with US Vice President Mike Pence on Monday as the White House continues their efforts to drum up support for the reportedly imminent Middle East peace plan.

White House working to reassure Evangelicals on Middle East peace plan Ahead of the launch of President Trump's Israeli-Palestinian peace plan, the White House has been engaging with Evangelical leaders to reassure them about the plan.

Brexit: EU says it is now up to MPs to decide next steps The EU has said it is now up to MPs to decide the next steps for Brexit and it remains "committed" to agreeing a deal in time for the UK to leave this month.

"Is It Really Human Beings Doing This?" Police "behaved with the priests as they would with killers." - Human rights lawyer, Minya, Egypt.

Far-right parties poised to double seats in EU Parliament: poll Far-right parties are set to double their seats in the European Parliament election in May, according to a new poll. The survey showed far-right parties were ahead in countries like France, Italy and Poland.

Saturday, March 09, 2019


Israel and Jordan fail to reach agreement on Temple Mount Gate The London-based Arab Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper claimed that the situation is expected to improve.

Hezbollah's Nasrallah: Israel is 'scared' for war Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah on Friday accused Israel of being “scared” to enter another war with his Lebanon-based militant group, a confrontation he says Israeli troops are not ready for.

Watch: 20,000 worshippers gather at Western Wall Tens of thousands gather at Western Wall in Jerusalem for 'Rosh Hodesh' prayers marking beginning of new Hebrew month.

Future Conflicts will Bring ‘Widespread Missile Fire on Israel,’ Cautions Former IAF All of Israel’s future conflicts will see major enemy fire on the civilian home front, meaning that air defense is more crucial than ever, a former Israel Air Force chief has told JNS following the start of an Israeli-American joint exercise.

ANALYSIS: Has the final battle for Jerusalem begun? Arab takeover of Temple Mount annex, uptick in terror attacks, Hamas attacks are part of broader Arab escalation towards a 3rd Intifada.

Syria vows to attack Israel unless it withdraws from the Golan Heights The Syrian warning was given to the head of the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization (UNTSO) General Kristin Lund.

Cal Thomas: Bibi and Trump agonistes Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is facing indictment on charges of fraud, corruption, breach of trust and bribery.

Netanyahu Declares Hamas-Run Al-Aqsa TV as Terrorist Organization Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that Hamas-run Al-Aqsa TV station a terrorist organization following a report last month that the outlet had been using coded messages to recruit Palestinian terrorists.

Eurosceptic parties set to double seats in EU Parliament after May elections – poll Anti-establishment parties across the EU are expected to receive a surge in popularity at the ballot box, as a poll released Saturday indicates voters tired of the Brussels status quo could lead to a doubling in Eurosceptic MEPs.

US military buildup in Iraq via Israel and Jordan ready for clash with pro-Iranian Iraqi militias DEBKAfile Exclusive: US troop reinforcements were flown to Iraq on Wednesday, March 6 ready for an offensive by Iraq’s two largest pro-Iranian militias against US forces in northern Iraq and Syria.

Friday, March 08, 2019


Tensions Remain Over 'Gate of Mercy' in Jerusalem, But No Clashes Reported King Abdullah of Jordan is heading to Washington Sunday for meetings and neither he nor Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu want escalation in Jerusalem.

Palestinian leadership calls for boycott of new US embassy in Jerusalem The Palestinian leadership is urging the international community to boycott the newly created US Embassy unit that will handle relations with Palestinians.

Tourism to Israel soars to record levels Tourism to Israel remained at record levels in February with 362,000 visitors entering the country, the Central Bureau of Statistics reported Tuesday.

Brazil Leader Coming to Israel to Help Netanyahu Get Reelected What are friends for? While Israel's allies in America and elsewhere typically try to avoid anything that could be seen as "interference" in the Jewish state's electoral process, Brazil's new president, Jair Bolsonaro, doesn't seem constrained by any such reservations.

Israeli-Palestinian clashes expected in Jerusalem, Gaza after tumultuous week Hamas reportedly conveyed a message to Israel via Egyptian intelligence that it did not want escalation.

Islamic Jihad is the real threat from Gaza While Israel is busy negotiating ways to calm tensions in the coastal enclave, it would do well to pay attention to the organization that does not listen to Hamas and is only trying to make the situation worse.

Armies of Turkey, Russia patrol around Syria's Idlib Maintaining ceasefire in northwestern Syrian city is a significant step for securing stability in the country, says Turkey's Defence Minister Hulusi Akar.

Britain, EU locked in talks as Brexit vote nears Intensive talks between the European Union and Britain are underway to help get Brexit through the British parliament next week, but the bloc has already presented its ideas, a spokesman said on Friday.

The End of "Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok" The geopolitical divorce of Russia and Europe is not confined to the military or economic realms.

Careful Who You Choose: The Bible and Your Vote Among the various rulings given by Moses to the children of Israel, in Deut. 16 he directs the Israelites to appoint for themselves judges and magistrates for each tribe and in every city.

Thursday, March 07, 2019


Israeli Navy ready to block Iranian oil exports in transit - Netanyahu Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says Israel is prepared to throw the power of its naval force - and urges the world to join in - to block the Iranian oil shipments circumventing unilaterally imposed US sanctions against Tehran.

Assad in Tehran: Soleimani's goons snatched him to swear allegiance to Khamenei. Putin retaliates Al Qods Brigades, the Iranian Rev Guards' external wing, "brought" Syrian ruler Bashar Assad to Tehran on Feb. 27, for an audience with supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

The U.S. Peace Plan will Divide Jerusalem - Saudi Reporter Saudi Arabia has been in touch with the US administration regarding the peace initiative, as it is rumored that the deal will include recognition of Israel by surrounding Arab countries.

Chief Rabbis Prohibit Jews From Temple Mount, Days Before Muslim Takeover of Golden Gate A careful retrospective of current events reveals an interesting sequence: The Chief Rabbis of Jerusalem issued a ruling that prohibits Jews from ascending the Temple and one week later, the Palestinians stormed the Sha'ar HaRachamim (the Gate of Mercy, also known as the Golden Gate), an area that had been closed off to Jews and Muslims alike for 16 years.

Israel, Jordan said holding talks to end conflict at Temple Mount gate Senior officials, among them the head Israel's National Security Council, working to defuse tensions ahead of Friday prayers.

Al-Aqsa officials to defy Israeli court over prayer The Muslim foundation which runs the Al-Aqsa mosque compound in Jerusalem, the Waqf, said Tuesday it will defy an Israeli court order barring access to part of the flashpoint holy site.

The Palestinians Have Found Themselves Some Allah Up until now, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been one of nationalism and politics.

Brexit Brief: Theresa May faces second heavy defeat of EU exit plans British Prime Minister Theresa May is facing the prospect of yet another heavy defeat in next week's parliamentary vote on her Brexit deal.

Al-Aqsa TV: Death to Israel, Turn Then Into Body Parts, Roast Them "Al-Asqa TV promotes all the components of Palestinian terror, including murder of Jews, suicide bombings, kidnapping of soldiers, bombing our cites and destruction of Israel."

Purim Supermoon: Ushering in Redemption In two weeks, Jews around the world will read the Megillah (Book of Esther) and celebrate the holiday of Purim.

Wednesday, March 06, 2019


Imminent Return of the Red Heifer: Fact and Fiction After years of hard work and preparation, the rabbi charged with overseeing the red heifer claims that this Biblical commandment is on the verge of reappearing.

Poll: Israeli right regains majority, Zehut crosses threshold Liberman out, Feiglin in: Israeli right regains majority in latest poll - but by razor-thin margin, with Yisrael Beytenu out of the Knesset.

ANALYSIS: How Netanyahu's Indictment Could Affect the Israeli Election "The reign of King Bibi has gone on long enough," Bret Stephens, the former editor in chief of The Jerusalem Post and current New York Times columnist wrote in his reaction to the indictment of Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu by Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit.

Iran's Unwavering Israel-Hatred Four decades ago, the revolutionary movement led by Ayatollah Khomeini overthrew the Pahlavi dynasty and established the Islamic Republic of Iran on its ruins.

Palestinians Call for Mass Protests Over Closure of 'Bab Al-Rahma' Wakf rejects court order to keep contested site closed.

Lavrov: Russia ready to host Netanyahu, Abbas for peace talks Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Monday that a proposal to host the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Moscow was reaffirmed during Netanyahu's visit to Kreml last week.

Emmanuel Macron made an impassioned plea for a stronger Europe. Not everyone wanted to hear it. French President Emmanuel Macron made an ardent case for a stronger, more unified Europe in an op-ed published in outlets across all 28 EU member states ahead of the looming Brexit deadline and European parliamentary elections.

Palestinians: No Peace or Reconciliation with the 'Infidels' The ruling by the Palestinian Scholars' Association is also aimed at sending a message to the US administration that the Palestinians and the Muslims will have nothing to do with the "Deal of the Century."

Italy is side-lining itself from the EU. And its populist deputy leader stands to benefit Italy's relationship with the EU has deteriorated since an anti-establishment government took the reins in Rome last year.

Holocaust explained by Fatah: Jews deserved to be killed because of "who they are" Fatah justifies murder of Jews in the Holocaust with story of alleged Jewish selfishness and evil.

Tuesday, March 05, 2019


A Synagogue on the Temple Mount? Activists say Let the Jews Move in Jews believe the site - venerated as holy in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam alike - is where the Beit Hamikdash used to sit.

Iranian Commander Outlines Plan 'to Defeat World Powers' A top Iranian military figure in the country's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, or IRGC, recently outlined the rogue nation's long-term plans to "defeat world powers," saying that Tehran has been "chosen to wage jihad" across the globe.

Will War Between Israel and Hamas Break Out Before Elections? - Analysis A continued deterioration of Gaza's civilian infrastructure will continue to put pressure on Hamas, which could lead to another violent clash with Israel.

Macron's plea for EU lays down battle lines for May vote French President Emmanuel Macron's plea to voters in 28 nations to choose a stronger European Union has gained support from outside his borders - and a good deal of skepticism from within.

The Upcoming Election: Is It About Judea vs. Israel? With the most recent polls now showing that the "Blue and White" faction will become the Knesset's largest on April 9, some in Israel are beginning to rethink the core issue of the upcoming national election.

Jewish leaders outraged by anti-Semitic float at Belgian parade Angry messages of condemnation have been issued in the aftermath of the publication of photographs showing blatant anti-Semitism at an annual Belgian carnival recognized by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

Russian FM: Putin offered to host Netanyahu and Abbas Russia's Foreign Minister says Russian President proposed to Netanyahu a summit with PA chairman to discuss Middle East peace process.

Netanyahu kicks off election campaign with attacks on media, political rivals Addressing his Likud base, prime minister rails against alleged media bias, accuses main challenger Benny Gantz of planning to form alliance with Arab parties.

New pre-military academy will help religious soldiers integrate New pre-military academy in Beit El to will be a home for religious English speakers drafting into the IDF as lone soldiers.

Jews Call for Synagogue on Temple Mount in Response to Muslim Takeover A confrontation between the Israeli police and the Palestinians is expected as more politicians are calling for the closure of a prayer area that was opened in the area of the Sha'ar HaRachamim (the Gate of Mercy, also known as the Golden Gate).

Monday, March 04, 2019


Jordan blasts Israel over Temple Mount crackdown After Israel arrests Muslim leaders accused of inciting riots on Temple Mount, Jordan blasts Israel for issuing restraining orders.

Netanyahu's hardline foreign policies may outlast his tenure The upcoming indictment of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu could end the long-serving conservative politician's career.

ANALYSIS: Law experts make mincemeat of Netanyahu indictments AG's decision to indict PM Netanyahu may threaten the health of Israel's democracy. Israel cannot afford to choose the wrong PM.

Iran: Israel now facing bigger threats from inside its own borders US allies in the Middle East risk an uprising by their "humiliated citizens" if they continue to rely on Washington, a top Iranian security official warned Sunday in comments carried by state media.

Israel Ranks as 8th Most Powerful Country - U.S. News Report Other powerfully ranked countries included Russia, China, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Japan and Saudi Arabia.

The Temple Mitzvah That May Fix the Global Economy For the last 22 years, a modest project has been collecting silver coins for the exclusive use of the Third Temple but according to a Biblical commandment, this annual gift is incumbent upon every Jewish male.

The Putin-Netanyahu deal to remove foreign forces from Syria breaks new ground for both When President Vladimir Putin sat down with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Feb. 27, the US envoy Jared Kushner was in Ankara and two days earlier, Bashar Assad arrived in Tehran on a surprise visit.

Iran's top leader warns against trusting Europe on nuclear deal As world powers face US pressure to pull out of pact, Khameini says the 2015 agreement cannot fix country's economic problems.

Report: "11 Christians Killed Every Day for Their Faith" One of the most noteworthy trends concerns the "shocking reality of persecution against women.... In many places, they experience a 'double persecution' - one for being a Christian and one for being a woman."

New Film Answers the Question: Did Moses Really Write the Bible? A documentary film will be released in two weeks that asks the question that anyone who reads the Bible wants the answer to: Did Moses really write the holy text?

Saturday, March 02, 2019


One bribery charge out of three cases against Netanyahu In a dramatic televised speech on Thursday night, Feb. 28, Binyamin Netanyahu pledged to serve Israel as prime minister for years to come after the charges against him collapse “like a house of cards.”

Trump: 'We have a good shot at peace' between Israel, Palestinians US President Donald Trump said on Thursday that there is a "good chance" of peace between Israel and the Palestinians as his son-in-law and adviser, Jared Kushner, tours the Middle East to draw support for the peace plan.

Hamas official: We'll cleanse 'Palestine' of Zionists Watch: Fathi Hammad, a member of the Hamas Political Bureau, twice in recent weeks threatened Israel.

With four weeks to go, there's calm within the Brexit storm With Britain's split from the European Union scheduled for the end of the month, and their divorce deal still far from signed, London and Brussels were surprisingly calm Friday

What's behind the unrest at Al-Aqsa's Bab al-Rahma? Palestinians see any change in status quo a step towards partitioning holy site, building the Third Temple over Al-Aqsa.

Iran Condemns Britain for Listing Ally Hezbollah as 'Terrorist' Group Long the most powerful group in Lebanon, Hezbollah's influence has expanded at home and in the region.

Turkey's membership of EU ON BRINK after Italy says Turks will NEVER be Europeans TURKEY’S membership to the European Union has been robustly rejected by many Italian MPs - despite an official document from one of the country’s ministry opened to Ankara’s future in Brussels.

Erekat: It's two states or one state Senior PLO official claims that abandoning the two-state solution will lead to one-state solution and an apartheid regime.

Arab Nations Cozy Up To Assad, But Syria Remains a Tinderbox Inspired by the Arab Spring, Syrians rose up to demand an end to President Bashar Assad’s regime in 2011.

Aboard Russia's Propaganda Train Of 'Syrian War Trophies' When a trainload of tanks, guns, and other military hardware supposedly seized from the Syrian battlefields pulled up at Kursk railway station on a cloudy afternoon this week, a jubilant crowd was there to greet it.