Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Where is ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi?  US intelligence officials say they're pursuing a new theory over the whereabouts of the 'Islamic State' leader. 

French jihadist police killer 'obeyed Islamic State order'  The man who killed a French police couple at their home near Paris was acting on an order from so-called Islamic State (IS) to "kill infidels", officials say. 

Asia Times: Chinese Espionage and Intelligence Activities at All Time High, Experts Say  Chinese intelligence operations worldwide to steal important information both through human agents and cyber attacks are a growing threat, according to experts who testified at a US congressional commission last week. 

NATO Continues to Provoke Russia With Additional Troops  Britain, Germany and the United States advanced plans on Tuesday to spearhead a new NATO force on Russia's border from next year, but some eastern allies said the alliance's effort must go further to deter Moscow. 

Knesset panel upholds ban on MKs on Temple Mount, despite police outline  The committee will reconsider the decision when the police decides it is safe to allow MKs to visit the holy site. 

Jewish leader warns British parliament over rising anti-Semitism  Jewish leader Jonathan Arkush presents evidence to House of Commons, warns UK anti-Semitism could reach levels of France. 

1,200 rockets a day in next Lebanon war, officer warns  Former home front chief says country will need 'mental fortitude' more than military defense in future bout with Hezbollah. 

The Art of Baking Biblical Bread: Preparing for the Third Temple  On Monday, a reenactment of a special Temple service was held in Jerusalem on the Armon Hanatziv Promenade. 

Backstage at Turkey's Shotgun Wedding with Israel  There is every indication that Turkey and Israel are not far away from normalizing their troubled diplomatic relations. 

Arabs strongly prefer Clinton over Trump, have dim view of Obama  Poll published on eve of 2016 Herzliya Conference shows Egyptians, Saudis oppose US promoting treaty between Israel, Palestinian Authority.