Thursday, July 04, 2013


Egypt Coup: Interim President Is Sworn In An interim president is sworn in and the Muslim Brotherhood's supreme leader is arrested in Egypt a day after a military coup.

Statue of Liberty reopens on Independence Day The Statue of Liberty, shut last year after a huge storm, has reopened to the public as Americans everywhere mark Independence Day.

In Arab World, Egypt turmoil elicits both praise and censure Gulf Arabs greet Egypt's new leader, Turkey slams 'coup.'

Syria's Assad says only foreign invasion can threaten him Assad: My gov't will survive civil war, opponents will fail.

Former IDF chief: Morsi's fall doesn't pose immediate danger to Israel Ashkenazi says Egyptian army is too busy with domestic concerns to pose any threat to Israel, but warns situation in Egypt is still volatile; Hanegbi hopeful Morsi's ouster could strengthen future diplomatic ties with Cairo.

Syria's Assad Gloats Over Morsi's Fall Syria's President welcomes the end of the Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt as he fights rebels in his own country.

After Morsi: 6 thoughts on the ouster of an undemocratic, elected president American hesitancy, the Brotherhood's extreme anti-Semitism, and how the short-lived leader was the architect of his own downfall

Turkish 'Incendiary Words Have Tragic Consequences', Says AJC 'Incendiary words can have tragic consequences,' says AJC in response to claims by a Turkish official that world Jewry is behind protests.

EU sheds no tears over Morsi's departure The EU on Wednesday (3 July) tacitly approved the Egyptian army's defenestration of President Mohamed Morsi amid mass civil unrest.

Russia, Turkey criticize Egyptian democracy Turkish officials call Morsi's ousting anti-democratic, 'backward'; Russian lawmaker suggests democracy may not come easily to non-Western states.