Wednesday, October 31, 2007


* UN: Hizbullah has replenished missiles, Dan region in range Hizbullah has succeeded in rearming itself and has obtained missiles with a range of 250 km.

* Warning of Somali 'catastrophe' International aid agencies are warning of an "unfolding humanitarian catastrophe" in parts of Somalia.

* McCain links Iraq victory to ME peace "Unless America wins the war in Iraq, Israeli-Palestinian reconciliation will not move forward."

* Israel threatens Gaza invasion Israel has escalated threats to invade the Gaza Strip.

* Baghdad-Tehran want Iraq meet to focus on security Iraq and Iran want an international conference on Iraq in Istanbul this week to focus on the nation's security rather than tensions with Turkey.

* Israel mulls citizenship changes Israel's interior minister has called for reforming the law that grants Jews around the world Israeli citizenship.

* EU treaty 'same as constitution' The new EU Reform Treaty is effectively the same as the constitution it was designed to replace.

* Russia schools ban "cult of death" Halloween Moscow schools have been ordered to ban students from celebrating the cult of the dead, better known as Halloween.

* U.S. renews pressure on Israel to remove W. Bank outposts The U.S. has renewed pressure on Israel to evacuate illegal outposts in the West Bank.

* Darfur force 'may be' operational early 2008 A bolstered United Nations-African Union (AU) force charged with bringing peace to Sudan's ravaged Darfur region may be operational by early next year.