Monday, July 27, 2020


IDF thwarts Hezbollah terror cell infiltration along border with Lebanon The military lets residents near border leave homes; IDF spokesman: "We have some tense days ahead."

Netanyahu: We are in midst of serious security incident PM leaves Likud faction early meeting in response to security incident on northern border.

Caroline Glick: Israel’s ‘stability’ strategy strengthens terrorists Israel’s security establishment is focused on stability, leading it to prop up bad actors.

Will Israel Find Itself Facing Down Iran, Turkey, and the US in Libya? Israel does not need to be directly engaged in combat to help its allies confront and prevail over mutual adversaries.

The quiet revolution on the Temple Mount Under the radar, a quiet revolution is taking place, as the number of Jews visiting the Temple Mount surges.

Turkey on the Warpath The Erdogan regime has been militarily targeting Syria and Iraq, sending its Syrian mercenaries to Libya to seize Libya's oil, and continuing to bully Greece. It is now provoking ongoing violence between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Turkey Openly Declares Commitment to Jihad on Non-Muslims While statues of American heroes come toppling down, Turkey honors a mass-murdering, pedophilic slaver of history.

Trump could flip-flop on Israel in a second term Outspoken former security advisor suggests Trump will have no need to placate powerful Israel lobby if he wins re-election.

America is coming apart. Europe is coming together.  Why do some societies, like some couples, fall apart under pressure, while others band together?

Government officials closing houses of worship: 'Wicked as described by Isaiah' says prominent Israeli Rabbinical Court The Shaarei Shalom (gates of peace) rabbinical court in Bet Shemesh, headed by Rabbi Nussbaum and Rabbi Wosner, issued a rabbinic proclamation last Thursday.