Friday, May 17, 2019


Is the United States heading for war with Iran? There are two competing narratives. The first, which is favoured by US President Donald Trump's administration, is that Iran is up to no good.

Allies split with US over Iranian threat as war worries mount British general tells reporters that coalition forces have not detected any issues with Iran-backed forced in Iraq and Syria, drawing rare rebuke from US military and exposing rift.

Report: Iran halts some commitments under nuclear deal Islamic Republic's national security council apparently ordered to stop complying with the 2015 agreement with world powers which allowed Tehran to produce low-enriched uranium with a 300-kg limit; sources say Iran has no limit from now for production.

Danny Danon's Bible speech goes viral Danon presented the "four pillars" that link Jews to Israel and read a Bible chapter in Hebrew while wearing a kippah (skullcap).

In a war with US, Iran could have these proxies fighting by its side Lebanon's Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad in Gaza have arsenals of rockets aimed into Israel, while tens of thousands of Shiite Muslim fighters across region are beholden to Tehran.

China Hosts 'Carnival of Diversity' While Putting Minorities in Concentration Camps The Chinese Communist Party hosted a "carnival celebrating diversity" late Wednesday in Beijing featuring Party-approved performances from the likes of Jackie Chan and Andrea Bocelli.

Theresa May agrees to set timetable to choose successor Theresa May has promised to set a timetable for the election of her successor after the next Brexit vote in the first week of June.

Palestinian youth are a lost generation Amid the bickering between Fatah and Hamas, indifference of the Arab world and political self-interests Millennials in both Gaza and the West Bank have no prospects and no hope; the least Israel can do is to avoid further violence.

Outrage After U. Wisconsin-Milwaukee Student Calls to 'Gas' Campus Jews University says swastikas, hate speech against Jews is protected speech.

EU to Study PA Textbooks to See if They Educate Toward Peace and Tolerance For years Israel and various NGOs have worked to get the EU to deal with textbooks in the Palestinian Authority that educate not toward peace and accommodation, but to martyrdom and Jihad.