Monday, April 30, 2018


Watch: Netanyahu Unveils Secret Iranian Nuclear Program "Iran's leaders repeatedly deny ever pursuing nuclear weapons," said Netanyahu. "Tonight I'm here to tell you one thing: Iran lied."

U.S. Confirms Authenticity of Secret Iran Nuclear Docs, Officials See Game Over for Deal Trump administration officials praise Netanyahu's 'power presentation'.

Syria war: Missile strikes on military sites 'kill pro-Assad fighters' Missile strikes on military sites in northern Syria overnight reportedly killed a number of pro-government fighters, including Iranians.

Iran: We Could Produce Higher Enriched Uranium if U.S. Exits Nuclear Deal "Iran is not bluffing ... Technically, we are fully prepared to enrich uranium higher than we used to produce before the deal was reached... I hope Trump comes to his senses and stays in the deal."

Analysis: Who Could Have Been Behind the Massive Explosion in Syria? Whodunit? Massive explosion in Syria's Hama leads to many theories as Syrian regime blame shifts between Israel and US.

Iran wants to retaliate against Israel, but how can it do it? Tehran has an array of options at its disposal should it ultimately decide to attack Israel, ranging from missile strikes to hurting its allies.

Israel ready to bomb Iran if necessary: Report Israeli defense officials have told their American and Russian counterparts that if Iranian-backed forces attack Israel from inside Syria, Jerusalem will not hold back from retaliating with direct strikes against Tehran or other targets in Iran.