Tuesday, April 10, 2018


US, France, UK prepare air, navy units for sustained assault in Syria US President Donald Trump's "major decision" on Syria is contingent on the rallying of sufficient air and naval strength and allied participation.

Tehran says Israel's Syria airstrike won't go unanswered Ali Akbar Velayati said the crimes committed by the Zionists against the Syrian forces at the T-four Airbase "will not remain unanswered".

Hamas Vows More Israel Border Chaos The Times of Israel reports: The protests along the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel will continue until they achieve their goals and the Palestinians return to all of Palestine, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh vowed on Monday.

Iran Threatens to Restart Nuke Enrichment Program in Matter of Days Threats 'confirm that the Iranian regime never gave up on its atomic weapon ambitions'.

Israeli Officials Continue to Warn of Iran's 'Empowerment' in Syria Senior Israeli defense officials expressed serious concerns over the implications of last week's summit in Ankara at which the leaders of Iran, Russia and Turkey discussed the aftermath of the Syrian civil war and how the spoils would be divided once the hostilities conclude.

'From Holocaust to Redemption,' Rivlin to Lead 30th March of the Living "Every facet of this march is historic," President Reuven Rivlin said.

'Despacito' Video Hacked, Captioned with 'Free Palestine' The video was captioned with 'Free Palestine' before disappearing completely.

Europe's Civilizational Exhaustion Islam is filling the cultural vacuum of a society with no children and which believes -- wrongly -- it has no enemies.