Thursday, August 09, 2018


Israel Pounds Hamas After 19 Injured In Rocket Barrage, One Critical The Israel Air Force retaliated by striking targets in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday evening after 19 people were treated for injuries resulting form rocket attacks from Gaza against southern Israel.

Gaza official says this round of escalation is 'over' Half an hour after air raid sirens sound in Israel, Gaza official says escalation is 'over.'

After 150 Hamas rockets, IDF high command weighs full-scale operation against Hamas The IDF General Command conferred Wednesday night, Aug. 8, on a full-scale military operation against Hamas after it launched a non-stop barrage of 150 rockets against Israel.

IDF says war in Gaza approaching, communities near Strip could be evacuated Senior military officials say many troops will be sent to southern front after Palestinian terrorists launch more than 150 rockets, mortar shells overnight.

IDF Officer: War With Gaza is Close A senior IDF officer told Army Radio on Thursday morning that he saw a new full-scale war with the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip as inevitable.

To The Brink Of War: How Hamas And Israel Got Here Hamas says it wants Israel to end the 10-year blockade of Gaza and to ease up restrictions on goods flowing to the strip.

Hamas Blackmail, Media Silence Hamas, the Palestinian Islamist group that rules the Gaza Strip, says it wants Israel and Egypt to keep the border crossings with its coastal territory open on a permanent basis.

How Assad, ISIS, and the Russians Cooperated to Carry Out a Massacre The slaughter in the Druze region of Syria cost hundreds of lives last month. 

Senior US Navy officials say Russian and Chinese subs are now operating near America’s east coast In March, Russian state-owned media outlets made a surprising announcement: a new documentary series had entered into production that promised to tell the story of Russian nuclear attack submarine commanders sneaking their vessels into American harbors.

Let My People Pray At The Temple Mount — It Will Teach Palestinians A Lesson This past Wednesday, I ascended to the Temple Mount, as I have done many scores of times, and, following the police security check, was permitted to enter the compound Muslims call the Haram A-Sharif, the Noble Sanctuary.