Thursday, December 08, 2016


Iran's new theme park for children provides uniforms, war games against U.S., Israel Roller coasters are for the offspring of the "Great Satan".

US provoking China into nuclear war? RT to air new Pilger documentary Nuclear war is no longer unthinkable as it may be provoked by a US military build-up in the Pacific, clearly aimed at confronting Beijing, John Pilger says in his new documentary 'The Coming War on China', set to be aired on and the RTD channel.

Assad: Israel alone is our enemy As the civil war in Syria rages on, Syrian President makes clear that 'Israel alone' is Syria's enemy.

Liberman: WMDs Israel thwarted from reaching Hezbollah were chemical arms Liberman was referring to previous comments he made after a suspected Israeli strike on the Mezzeh airbase near Damascus.

Russia Tests Nuclear-Capable Drone Sub Russia conducted a test of a revolutionary nuclear-capable drone submarine that poses a major strategic threat to U.S. ports and harbors.

PM says yes to Abbas talks... if France drops peace confab As Netanyahu calls Hollande to say he won't come to Mideast conference, PA president says he had no invite for Paris anyway.

Fulfilling Ezekiel's Prophecy, Jacob's Biblical Sheep Arrive in the Promised Land The 2,000-year saga of the return of Jacob's sheep to the Holy Land as prophesied by Ezekiel was officially launched with the first of 11 flights that took place last week.

US: Highest Threat since 9/11 The House's Homeland Security Committee releases concerning report, Is the US facing the highest threat from Islamist terror since 9/11?

The EU needs to make itself battle-ready A week before Christmas, EU heads of state and government are set to discuss security and defence at their regular European Council meeting in Brussels.

EU stresses 'strong opposition' to outpost legalization Europeans says legislation would mark first Israeli law on status of land in West Bank, which is 'not under its jurisdiction'.