Thursday, August 16, 2018


Holy Prayer is Holier in Israel During Elul, the 12th month of the Jewish calendar that leads to the High Holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, prayer becomes evermore important to the Jewish people.

Trump Middle East peace plan won't please Israel or Palestinians, U.S. officials warn The team working on President Donald Trump's Middle East peace plan has said neither Israelis nor Palestinians would be happy with the proposal.

Trump: Both Israelis and Palestinians Will Have to Give Something Up for Peace The Trump Administration is still not revealing the details of its long-awaited Middle East peace plan, but did say on Wednesday that neither Israel nor the Palestinians would be "fully pleased" with the proposal.

US ambassador tells Israeli MK 'no reason to evacuate settlements' in peace deal Yehudah Glick says remark was made by David Friedman during sit-down at Jerusalem embassy, as settler leaders presented him with Israeli-Palestinian economic ventures.

Hamas: Western Wall belongs to Muslims Hamas newspaper claims Western Wall is Islamic, claims 'war crimes' committed 'against' it.

In Islam, Jerusalem is not Mecca When the time for the Muslim prayer came, Omar declined the invitation by Sophronius, the patriarch of Jerusalem, to pray inside the Church and instead prayed outside.

The crumbling skeleton of the Islamic State rattles on for now It has been estimated that there are 20,000 to 30,000 Islamic State militants still in Syria and Iraq, according to the U.N.'s latest report.

Analysis: The Islamic State's push for a new caliphate New reports suggest the terror group is recovering in Iraq and Syria; Khorasan Province is eyeing a new caliphate in Afghanistan.

It's all about eliminationism There is two-stage subversion project at work against Israel and its Zionist-base ideology. The first stage seeks to cozy up, in a sense, and to equalize, falsely, two movements: Zionism and Palestinianism.

Fewest Number of Israelis Emigrating Since 1990 The rate at which Israelis are emigrating has reached an almost three-decade low. According to numbers published by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) this week, approximately 15,200 Israelis left the country in 2016 for a year or more, the lowest number since at least 1990.