Saturday, July 30, 2016


* 'NATO HAS NO CHANCE' Russia's secret super submarine fleet could be unstoppable in World War III scenario, expert warns Putin's band of nuclear powered death machines have already reportedly breached UK waters. 

The DNC Leak : 'Russian hack' or CIA limited hangout?  On July 25, as the Democratic Party's convention got underway in Philadelphia, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton found herself struggling to unite the party behind her nomination as the party's presidential nominee, after the shock release of 20,000 emails through WikiLeaks, which exposed top party officials as campaigning to discredit her rival Bernie Sanders. 

Russian arms for Hizballah cross Israel's red line  President Vladimir Putin turns aside all Israel's complaints about Russian arms supplies to Iran's Lebanese proxy, Hizballah, whenever he talks to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu - roughly every week-to-ten days. 

Pope declares 'the world is at war' but denies Islam has any role  Pope Francis declared that 'the world is at war' following the slitting of the throat of an 86-year-old priest by two Islamic State-linked jihadists, right in the middle of a mass in France. 

Has the IDF hit the Basij forces commander General Naghdi?  Iranian, Syrian and Hizballah sources are intimating that the 'Syrian officer' injured on July 26 in Quneitra by Israel's double Nimrod' missile shot was none other than Revolutionary Guards Gen. Muhammad Resa Naghdi, head of the paramilitary Organization for the Mobilization of the Oppressed, also known as the Basij, which falls under the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). 

Hamas exploiting current calm to prepare for next war  In the next conflict in Gaza, Hamas will aim to pound IDF staging areas and communities near the Strip. 

South African NGO brings together Palestinian factions for unity talks  This is the second intra-Palestinian dialogue to be organized by the NGO in the country this year. 

Another pre-army yeshiva rabbi attacks LGBT persons  On the heels of Rabbi Yigal Levinstein's 'perverts' speech, another Bnei David preparatory rabbi is found telling his students that 'gay intercourse is an abomination'; gay Orthodox group responds by saying 'some of us forgot that gay people have feelings, too.' 

How Hebrew Almost Became the Official Language of America  Had history turned out slightly different, Americans today might be speaking Hebrew rather than English. 

Hollande: ISIS has declared war on us  President of France arrives to the scene of Normandy attack where terrorists beheaded priest, acknowledges state of war with ISIS.