Thursday, September 08, 2011


* US confirms it will veto Palestinian statehood bid The US will veto a Palestinian request for state recognition if it is submitted to the UN Security Council later this month.

* ICC Seeks Red Notice for Qaddafi With Muammar Qaddafi's nowhere to be found, the International Criminal Court (ICC) asked Interpol Thursday to issue Red Notice arrest warrants for the fugitive Libyan leader.

* Israel on alert over Turkey plans to send ships to Gaza Strip Israel is concerned that Turkey plans a naval confrontation in the eastern Mediterranean.

* General concerned new Arab populist leaders will spark 'all-out war' Israel's military envisions the prospect of a regional war in 2012 that could include such countries as Egypt and Turkey.

* Mossad Hacked? hacker or hackers fabricated certificates for Israel's intelligence service, Mossad, the CIA, and Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service, MI6, and other sites such as AOL and Microsoft.

* Brussels: 'No one can leave the euro' The European Commission on Thursday (8 September) insisted that no member of the eurozone can leave the single currency.

* Syrian activists appeal for international help Syria's underground opposition appealed to the international community on Thursday to send in human rights monitors to help deter military attacks on civilians.

* EU moots greater role in deals with oil-rich countries The European Commission on Wednesday suggested it should negotiate 'strategic' energy contracts with other countries.

* Meteorites delivered gold to Earth Scientists have shown that the Earth's surface became enriched with precious metals by impacting meteorites.

* Will Saddam's WMD be discovered in Syria when Assad falls? Ten years after 9/11, one captivating thought keeps crossing my mind: When the Assad tyranny in Syria finally collapses, will George W. Bush be vindicated?