Monday, December 23, 2013


Netanyahu says US spying on Israel 'unacceptable,' calls for 'clarifications' PM issues strongest comments yet on revelations that NSA spied on former Israeli PMs; meets Pollard's wife, reiterating calls for his release.

Israel must never be betrayed Unfortunately, recent actions of the Obama administration represent a sharp reversal of the historical precedent of unshakable support to the Jewish state.

Israel to Abbas: No, Jesus was not a Palestinian Foreign Ministry pans PA president's 'outrageous rewriting of Christian history,' says he needs a hug from Santa.

As both sides wait for Kerry, the refugee camps boil In the West Bank, hotbeds of discontent seethe under weakening PA control, leading to attacks such as Sunday's bus bombing.

PLO Video Claims Jesus was 'Palestinian' Video uses Christmas 'magic' to push demonization of Israel; claims Jesus 'was of its own.'

Istanbul clashes as Turkey PM Erdogan condemns 'plot' Turkish police have used tear gas against thousands of anti-government protesters in Istanbul as Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan vowed to break the hands of "plotters".

Far From Happy Christmas for Christians in the Holy Land The Christians who still live in the Holy Land face a Christmas that will be far from happy, merry or bright. They are a persecuted minority.

Syrian Mortar Shell Strikes Golan Heights The shell exploded in empty territory near Tel Fares, causing no casualties or damage, is probably Syrian civil war 'spillover'.

MK's request denied: No Christmas trees in Knesset Knesset speaker denies Arab-Christian MK's request to set up Christmas tree in Israel's legislative for allegedly technical reason, but permits him to deck the halls of his own Knesset office.
Statistics: Terror Attacks Increase As Talks Progress Israel's Security Agency (Shin Bet) statistics for November show dramatic increase in attacks; numbers follow negotiation timeline.