Tuesday, June 23, 2015


US announces new tank and artillery deployment in Europe The US is to deploy heavy weapons - including tanks, armoured vehicles and artillery - in a number of European nations, amid Nato concerns over Russia's role in Ukraine.

Report: American soldiers, Iranian militias share base in Iraq Some members of the US administration fear that sharing the base is endangering the lives of American soldiers.

Study Warns US Nuclear Strategy is on Course for Disaster CSIS report calls for new policy in coming years or US will lose deterrence and over 11 states will go nuclear in mass proliferation.

Netanyahu: Israel Can Lead the Battle against Cyber-Terror Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu explains how Israeli chutzpah has spurred innovation in cyber-defense.

'ISIS enforces Ramadan fast by crucifying two children' It is one of the few places on earth where nothing but a line on a map separates the third world from the first. 

Report: Syrian Islamists led by Nusra Front unite near Israel's border New Islamist alliance excludes all groups that have not been crystal clear about their opposition to ISIS, expert says.

Islamic State conflict: Kurds 'capture Syrian town north of Raqqa' Kurdish fighters in northern Syria say they have captured a key town from Islamic State, just 50km (30 miles) from the group's headquarters at Raqqa.

Greek debt crisis: Eurozone leaders hopeful of deal Eurozone leaders have broadly welcomed new proposals for Greek reforms amid hopes a deal can be struck within days to stop Greece defaulting on its debt.

Huge solar storm hits Earth: power grid and GPS could be disrupted, but auroras might be seen The Earth is being battered by a huge solar storm, which could disrupt the power grid and GPS as well as letting people see beautiful auroras.

Top US General Slams UN Report on Gaza as 'Inaccurate' Retired air force general notes UN fails to account for Hamas's 'gross violations' of international law during Protective Edge.