Thursday, January 28, 2016


More Trouble at Sea: Iran Expels U.S. Ship, Jet Out of Strait of Hormuz  Iran warned a U.S. warship and jet to leave the area near the Strait of Hormuz where the Iranian navy took part in military exercises. 

Rouhani hails 'new chapter' in Iranian-French ties  Iran's President Hassan Rouhani has hailed "a new chapter" in French-Iranian relations during his visit to Paris to discuss trade ties. 

Former Libyan official: ISIS got Qaddafi's chemical weapons  Libyan former intelligence official claims terrorist groups got hold of Qaddafi's chemical weapons arsenal and then smuggled it to Syria. 

Report: Iran deploys Hezbollah to get its old ally Hamas back  New mediation comes after Iran failed in its previous attempts to convince Hamas to announce its support for Iran in the Islamic Republic's battle with Saudi Arabia for regional supremacy. 

Khamenei airs Holocaust denial video on international Remembrance Day  Iran‚Äôs supreme leader says Europeans are silenced when they try to question historically accepted account of genocide against Jews. 

Settlers tell Netanyahu: Block Palestinian media broadcasts  The head of the main settlement council in the West Bank wrote to the prime minister calling on him to block official Palestinian media broadcasts, following the testimony of a terrorist who admitted he had been incited after watching Palestinian television. 

Watch: Israel's newest 'Tiger' APC in action  The IDF has begun field tests for the new 'Tiger Class' armored personnel carrier, boasting advanced 'windjacket' defensive system. 

Washington urges Syrian opposition to take part in talks  United States says Syria's reluctant rebel and opposition groups should attend UN-mediated peace talks without preconditions. 

UN chief redoubles criticism of Israel's 'stifling occupation  'You can count on me' to speak up, achieve Israeli-Palestinian peace Ban Ki-moon says, but Palestinians ‚'losing hope. 

Turkey's All-Out War on Kurds and Media  Since August, Turkey has been bombing and destroying its Kurdistan region in the same pattern: The Turkish government first declares curfews on Kurdish districts; then Turkish armed forces, with heavy weaponry, attack Kurdish neighborhoods and everyone living there.