Thursday, April 03, 2014


Israel cancels fourth round of prisoner releases As prospects for the extension of the current round of peace talks took a further bleak turn, Israel officially canceled the fourth release of Palestinian prisoners.

Bennett: 'Here's a Commitment - You'll Never Get Jerusalem' Jewish Home Chairman, Economics Minister Naftali Bennett, pithily rejected Thursday the Palestinian Authority (PA) demand that Israel give a commitment that the future Palestinian state would include eastern Jerusalem.

Iraq's Al Qaida teams with Syrian forces to fight off rival Sunni rebel operation Al Qaida's Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant is fighting to stop a Sunni rebel offensive in Syria.

Top Religious Zionist Rabbi: Allow Jewish Prayer on Temple Mount Influential Religious Zionist Rabbi Benny Lau - a nephew of Tel Aviv Chief Rabbi Meir Lau - said Thursday that he supported the rights of Yehuda Glick and his Temple Mount Faithful group to ascend the Mount to pray.

IDF Training for Ground Invasion of Lebanon The IDF is rehearsing scenarios of mass rioting combined with guerrilla warfare.

Assad: Russia creating multi-polar world Syrian President Bashar Assad told members of a Russian delegation on Wednesday that their country is playing an important role by creating a "multi-polar world."

Amnesty International welcomes Palestinian unilateral moves, calls on PA to join ICC Human rights group slams Israeli politicians for threatening to sanction the PA for its unilateral moves.

Nato's Eastern Europe build-up plans alarm Russia Moscow is pressing Nato to explain its plans to enhance its military presence in Eastern Europe.

Iran, six powers start expert-level nuclear talks in Vienna Iran and six world powers began an expert-level meeting about Tehran's nuclear program.

Lebanon Marks One Million Syrian Refugees The number of Syrian refugees who have fled to Lebanon officially topped 1 million.