Saturday, July 14, 2012


* Iran: If threatened, we'll close Strait of Hormuz Iran could prevent even "a single drop of oil" passing through the Strait of Hormuz if its security is threatened.

* Iran's War Games Showed Missile Accuracy Iran's war games this month showcased missiles with improved accuracy and firing capabilities.

* Experts: U.S. Cyber War on Iran Has Just Begun A U.S. cyber war against Iran's nuclear program may have only just begun and could escalate with explosions triggered by digital sabotage.

* Hamas leader: Egypt will protect Gaza from Israeli attack The head of the Islamist group Hamas in the Gaza Strip said on Friday he was confident Egypt's new president would shield the Palestinian enclave.

* Solar storm barreling toward Earth A solar storm is racing toward Earth this weekend, but scientists say not to worry.

* Clinton to Egypt - premature or the push Cairo needs? On Saturday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrives in Egypt, the first U.S. Cabinet official to meet with newly elected president Mohamed Morsy.

* Jordan's Muslim Brotherhood to boycott early elections The Islamists said recent changes to the election law did not go far enough, and warned of further public protests.

* Hevron Hills Residents say 'Enough!' to Road Terror Dozens of Israelis from the town of Negohot in the Hevron Hills blocked roads Thursday in protest of terrorism.

* World Condemns Assad for Latest Massacre Syria's opposition urged the UN Security Council on Friday to pass a binding resolution against Damascus.

* Spanish Debt Crisis Turns Bloody Spain's sovereign debt crisis turned bloody on Wednesday as police in central Madrid fired rubber bullets after thousands rose up against new spending cuts by the government.