Wednesday, August 07, 2019


Iran bombshell: Putin 'misleading Tehran over Israel' in bid to be Middle East kingmaker Vladimir Putin may have pledged to deepen military ties with Iran amid growing relations with counterpart Hassan Rouhani, but two strategy experts told then alliance is not as strong as it seems on the surface.

Iran Said to Increase Hamas Funding to $30m Per Month In Exchange for Intel on Israel Iran has agreed to raise its monthly payments to Palestinian terror group Hamas to $30 million in exchange for intelligence on Israeli missile stockpiles, Israel's Channel 12 news reported Monday.

Iran's grand strategy: Gulf crisis keeps US from helping Israel in a two-front war If Iran's Aug. 4 claim to have seized a tanker carrying "smuggled oil" is true, this brings to three the number of merchant vessels that Iran has taken in recent weeks.

Echoes of the Muslim Brotherhood "Arab Spring" in Post-Bashir Sudan Post-Bashir Sudan is being proclaimed a new "Arab Spring" by many who failed to grasp the meaning of the first.

Analysis: Why Netanyahu will Likely Boost Pro-3rd Temple Party Zehut, headed by Moshe Feiglin is the only party in the current election cycle that has included building the 3rd Temple in their platform.

Police officer injured by Waqf official on Temple Mount Member of Islamic organization which manages the Temple Mount attacks, injures Israeli police officer.

Why is Religious - Zionist Smotrich Dreaming of a Halachic State? - Analysis "Jewish law is something the ultra-Orthodox want to implement in their daily lives but it is not relevant to how a state should function."

EU slams West Bank Settler Building, IDF advances plans for 2,304 homes The European Union called on Israel to halt West Bank settlement activity after the Higher Planing Council for Judea and Samaria on Monday and Tuesday advanced plans for 2,304 new settler homes.

Tice: Eurozone 'Destined to Fail', Let's 'Forge New Relationships Across the Globe' Brexit Party chairman Richard Tice has said the single-currency eurozone is "destined to fail" and that to ensure the future prosperity of Brexit Britain, the country must strengthen trade relationships with the rest of the world.

Boris & hard Brexit: All 'bluff and bluster' or genuinely headed for a no-deal? UK PM Boris Johnson's approach to handling Brexit appears to be steering Britain towards a crash exit out of the EU, former and current Scottish leaders are warning.