Saturday, October 20, 2018


Most American Jews say you can support Israel and criticize its government For the first time, a pollster asked respondents not only whether they were pro-Israel, but if they were also critical of Israeli policies; 59% said yes.

The rope around Hamas's neck is tightening, but for how long will it hold? Analysis: Friday's Gaza border fence demonstrations were the smallest in scope for the past month because the terror group understands Israel will not look the other way any longer.

Trump plan to unite territories will endanger Israel The plan will demand that Israel give something “very good” to the PA, but will it be good for Israel?

Putin: Not Russia's job to decide whether Iran leaves Syria Russian president insists Iranian withdrawal should be discussed between Iran, Syria, and the US, but it is not for Moscow to decide; he also notes Syria should be offered security guarantees.

Both Israel, Hamas tout ‘accomplishments’ in Gaza — but is calm truly possible? Scaled back border protests have each side claiming progress, but the key issues aren’t going away, and the threat of PA sanctions looms large.

Exclusive: Pa Arrests Palestinian-American For Property Sale To Jews One source told the 'Post' that the man was suspected of receiving $25,000 in commission for his role in the sale of the house.

Exclusive: Tony Blair under the spotlight on Labour, Brexit and Iraq - with VIDEO We put the former Labour prime minister under the spotlight during a visit to the Black Country.

Greenblatt In 'Post': Trump Mideast Peace Plan ‘Path To Change’ For Gaza "The United States, as we have said many times, cares for the Palestinian people and wants to help, but we will not empower a regime that launches attacks on Israeli kindergartens."

World War 3: Iran is 'FANATICALLY OBSESSED' with ruling Middle East at ALL COSTS IRAN’s leadership is ready to “starve its people” to take over the Middle East and “restore the Persian Empire”, a current affair expert claimed as fears of clashes between Washington and Tehran grow.