Saturday, September 12, 2020


 National Security Council discussed closure of Temple Mount to worshipers The Islamic Waqf has thus far been opposed to any closure.

Bahrain agrees to normalize relations with Israel, Trump announces The Bahraini foreign minister is expected to participate in the ceremony at the White House together with Netanyahu and the UAE's foreign minister.

Palestinians Complain That Some Arab States Are Not Following Their Orders The Palestinians are enraged that the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain are attempting to block their resolution, to be voted on at the upcoming Arab League meeting, that condemns the UAE’s “normalization” of relations with Israel.

EU warns Serbia, Kosovo over Israel embassy move The European Union is warning Serbia and Kosovo that they could damage their hopes of joining the bloc if they move their Israeli embassies to Jerusalem.

Report: Iran to conduct new military exercise in Strait of Hormuz This development comes against a backdrop of heightened tensions between Tehran and Washington.

Iran: "American Soil is Now Within the Range of Iranian Bombs" Those who advocate pursuing a policy of appeasement toward the ruling mullahs as a means of changing the Iranian regime's behavior fail to understand that the more the international community will give the mullahs, the more Tehran will become belligerent and emboldened.

Turkey and Iran seek ‘strong foundation’ for partnership - analysis Turkish pro-government media: High level cooperation with Iran expected.

Could Iran Mimic Russia's Dangerous Strategy to Dominate the Persian Gulf Could Tehran succeed in using on of Moscow's tried and true methods of war?

On 9/11 Anniversary, Focus on Iran One of the significant, mostly untold stories about the 9/11 attacks is the involvement of the Iranian government in assisting the al Qaeda terrorists who killed so many innocent people 19 years ago.

Erdogan: ‘We are not a society that has an army – we are a nation that is itself an army’ Where is that army going? Erdogan gives a hint: “Do the people of Greece accept what will happen to them because of their greedy and incompetent leaders?

State of Theology: Evangelicals Hold Steady on Doctrine, More Outspoken on Politics American evangelicals make mostly incremental changes around some common heresies.