Monday, October 03, 2011


* Panetta hints US opposed to unilateral action against Iran After meeting with Barak, US defense secretary repeats that countries must work together to prevent Iranian threat to region.

* Israel is the West's creation for Mideast dominance Iranian president slams "western intolerance for debate over Jewish state's existence" at "Intifada Conference" in Tehran.

* Israel fears Iran will copy its policy of nuclear ambiguity Defense official tells reporters Iran could continue on current course of enriching uranium without publicly making nuclear weapon.

* Hitler letter offers first glimpse of anti-Semitic passions "The Gemlich letter proves obsessive hatred of Jews more clearly than in his later book 'Mein Kampf'" says founder of Wiesenthal Center.

* PA Maps Show State that Swallows Up Israel While the PA speaks of the indefensible 1967 "borders” at the UN, its maps tell a different story - one in which Israel no longer exists.

* Erdogan playing with fire Turkey’s recent military moves, rhetoric have shifted from cursing to war games

* Virtual Dead Sea scrolls get more than a million hits in just one week 400,000 Americans visit new website launched by Israel Museum and Google.

* Libya conflict: New offensive on Sirte Forces of the Libyan transitional government have launched a new offensive against the pro-Gaddafi stronghold of Sirte.

* Iraqi Forces Battle Bombers, Gunmen to End Siege Iraqi security forces on Monday killed several suicide bombers and gunmen to rescue hostages seized by insurgents after they attacked a local government compound and a police station in Anbar province.

* Arab Housing Day accentuates Palestinian building boom Palestinian dwellings built this year expected to exceed total dwellings built in Israel in 2010; number of units expected to reach 884,385 in 2011.