Wednesday, June 13, 2018


Don't Repeat the "Peace Plan" Futility It's time once again for Trump's boldness, not for business as usual.

When Putin drops hints, the West should listen Putin is hinting at a Syrian Euphrates partition - and beyond. This is a positive plan that the USA should join.

Pope: 'Never forget the Shoah' "It should be a warning of an obligation to reconciliation, of reciprocal comprehension and love toward our 'elder brothers,' the Jews."

Erdogan Fights to Keep Power as Bloomberg Poll Shows Tight Votes Turkey's election this month could go down to the wire, with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan facing a tougher battle to cement power or even an upset, according to a poll commissioned by Bloomberg.

Slavoj Zizek: EU must create a new world order to stop Donald Trump While most other western leaders fiddle and seethe, Donald Trump powers ahead as bully-in-chief.

Iranians defy regime on Twitter, express support for Israel A campaign this week to counter Quds Day rallies in the Islamic Republic saw thousands of tweets with the hashtag #WeStandWithIsrael, Israeli Foreign Ministry official says.

Scoop: Kushner to visit Israel, Egypt and Saudi Arabia for peace plan talks President Trump's Middle East peace team, senior adviser Jared Kushner and special envoy Jason Greenblatt, will travel to Israel, Egypt and Saudi Arabia next week to discuss the next stages of the peace effort and the crisis in Gaza, a senior U.S. official tells me.

In a First, Haley Proposes U.N. General Assembly Vote to Condemn Hamas The proposed vote on Hamas' responsibility over Gaza in the 193-member UN chamber amounts to a referendum on the militant group.

The "Trump Doctrine" for the Middle East Trump has shown the strength of the United States and restored its credibility in a region where strength and force determine credibility.

Dyeing Practice Not Dead: Tekhelet Discovered from 3,500 Years Ago A new exhibit exploring the heavenly and mysterious color "tekhelet," a vibrant blue dye mentioned 49 times in the Hebrew Bible and later chosen as the central color of Israel's national flag, will open at the Bible Lands Museum in Jerusalem on June 1.