Monday, April 11, 2016


Russian S-300 air defence missiles 'arrive in Iran'  Russia is reported to have started delivering S-300 surface-to-air missiles to Iran, under a deal opposed by Israel, the US and Saudi Arabia. 

Study: Facebook Pages Used as 'Online Arms Bazaars' for Terrorists  The New York Times reports it was able to persuade Facebook to shut down six web pages used as 'sprawling online arms bazaars' for terrorists and militants, 'offering weapons ranging from handguns and grenades to heavy machine guns and guided missiles.' 

Hamas 'exorcism' ritual used to recruit child terrorists  Islamic preachers use exorcism ritual to brainwash Gaza children, set them on the road to terrorism. 

President Obama: Libya aftermath 'worst mistake' of presidency  US President Barack Obama has said failing to prepare for the aftermath of the ousting of Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi was the worst mistake of his presidency. 

The unknown movement that rules the Temple Mount  The Waqf? PA? Hamas? None of the above - meet the near anonymous global group that pulls the strings. 

Poll: Third of British Muslims say 'Jews have too much power in UK'  Polling company ICM conducted the survey and aired their findings Wednesday in a new documentary titled "What do British Muslims Really Think." 

Watch: Jerusalem as you've never seen it before  Daring councilman films Arab neighborhoods where Hamas and PLO flags fly from every electric line, and the walls call for terror. 

'We are active on fronts near and far'  Netanyahu visits IDF drill in Golan overlooking Syria, emphasizing Israel's 'relative quiet' in a 'stormy, raging Middle East.' 

ISIS retakes Turkey border down from Syrian rebels  Al Qaeda rebels launch major offensives throughout Syria, which ISIS makes advances along Syrian-Turkish border. 

Pope Francis calls to accept gays  In a major shift of Catholic tenets of faith, pope releases paper instructing Catholics on how to live, tells them to accept homosexuals.