Monday, February 08, 2016


Iran Infiltrates the West Bank  Emboldened by its nuclear deal with the world powers, Iran is already seeking to enfold in its embracing wings the Arab and Islamic region. 

Israel criticizes North Korean rocket launch  Israel joins international condemnation after illicit North Korean launch. 

Haniyeh headlines Turkish conference to 'liberate Jerusalem'  Despite rapprochement talks with Israel, Ankara hosts Hamas head at event calling for 'armed struggle' to conquer Jerusalem. 

Satellites Show Mystery Construction at Iran's Top-Secret Military Site  A series of images, taken from space, show furious construction at a key Iranian facility. Was it to hide nuclear weapons work? 

Syria 'exterminating detainees' - UN report  The Syrian government has carried out a state policy of extermination against thousands of detainees, UN human rights investigators say. 

How Brazil Helped the Palestinians Rewrite History and Steal the Temple Mount While Nobody Noticed  In what may be seen as merely diplomatic maneuvering surrounding the Israeli ambassador in Brazil, a major attack has been waged against the Jewish right to Jerusalem, and it seems that Israel has already lost the battle in Brasilia. 

Iraq deploying thousands of troops to retake Mosul  Iraqi army amassing troops for biggest battle yet with ISIS in Iraq's second city. 

Palestinians quote UN's Ban to justify terror  Danon demands UN head retract his 'two categories' of terror, after Fatah spokesman cites 'natural response' praising Hadar Cohen's murder. 

Germany, Turkey want Nato help to police coast  Germany and Turkey are seeking Nato help to police the Turkish coast guard along the Aegen Sea to clamp down on people smugglers. 

Hamas and Fatah make yet another try at reconciliation  On the eve of the talks, both Hamas and Fatah expressed cautious optimism regarding the prospects of reaching a deal that would end their rift.