Friday, March 18, 2011


* Libya to halt military action The Libyan government has announced an immediate ceasefire in its offensive against rebels who have seized large areas of the country.

* Japan raises nuclear alert level Japan has raised the alert level at its quake-damaged nuclear plant from four to five on a seven-point international scale of atomic incidents.

* Purim Begins Saturday Night; Sunday Night in Jerusalem The very festive holiday of Purim will begin on Saturday night – not, as in most years, directly after the Fast of Esther, which was commemorated on Thursday.

* UN clears France and UK to strike Gaddafi The UN Security Council has given France and the UK a broad mandate for military strikes against Colonel Gaddafi despite German warnings of "great risks" and a "protracted conflict."

* Democracy and political Islam can’t coexist President of US Islamic Forum for Democracy tells 'Post' American Islamic groups refuse to engage on "separation of mosque and state."

* Saudi king warns against unrest while boosting benefits Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah has warned that threats to the nation's security and stability will not be tolerated.

* Egypt's New Rulers Friendly with Assad Egypt's temporary military rulers sent a delegation to Syria on Thursday to meet with President Bashar al-Assad.

* Hamas breaks up pro-reconciliation rally in Gaza Protesters lock themselves in UN school compound, say they will not leave until Fatah and Hamas meet with them and pledge to end their bitter rivalry.

* Muslim World: Revolution! (for Muslim Arabs only) As minorities in the region seek equality, the true test will be whether the new religious and political systems recognize all peoples.

* Victoria served as first test of Iranian infrastructure Weapons aboard 'Victoria' were supposed to be unloaded at the Egyptian port of Alexandria and transferred into the Gaza Strip.