Friday, September 04, 2020


BREAKING NEWS Kosovo, Serbia to open embassies in Jerusalem To date only the United States and Guatemala have embassies in Jerusalem.

 Hezbollah expected to attack before Jewish holidays The Army is making preparations along the northern border where tensions are described as high.

After Saudi Arabia, Bahrain Becomes Next Arab Gulf Nation to Welcome Israeli Planes Bahrain on Thursday announced it will allow all Israeli flights to the United Arab Emirates to cross through its airspace, a day after Saudi Arabia made a similar declaration.

UAE Official on Annexation Assurances The Foreign Minister Director of Policy Planning in the United Arab Emirates, Jamal al-Musharakh, has again explained what the UAE claims it has been assured by Israel and the U.S.

Abbas urges Arabs not to normalize ties with Israel Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Thursday called on the Arab countries to abide by the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative and refrain from normalizing their relations with Israel.

Deutsche Bank Meltdown? $50T Debt Leads To Systemic Collapse! Be Ready! “Just as in a domino effect, it only takes one fallen piece to bring all the other ones down with it, and that piece might be Deutsche Bank."

Making Europe Great Again The European Union is sending $3.25 billion in economic aid to Greece to help the country remain afloat amid the coronavirus pandemic, reported, an English-language newspaper based in Athens. The aid was part of a recovery package of about $600 billion.

Will Gas Discovery Change Turkey's Political Course? "Turkey's never-ending military challenge against world powers in seas and land" makes for hundreds of stories of Turkish heroism in the media, which is largely controlled by Erdo─čan and his business cronies.

Turkey says France's Macron 'hysterical' over Syria, Libya, East Mediterranean Turkey’s foreign minister said on Friday French President Emmanuel Macron had become “hysterical” over developments in the Libyan and Syrian conflicts and a dispute over maritime boundaries in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The Sudanese government cannot afford to be confused on Israel The government's discombobulated stance on normalisation with Israel could be costly for Sudan.

Rare remains of royal palace from the time of Kings Hezekiah-Josiah found in Jerusalem Who was privileged to live in the monumental structure possessing a breathtaking view of the City of David and the Temple, which was uncovered in an archeological excavation on the Armon Hanatziv (Commissioner’s Palace, also known as Governor’s House) Promenade?