Wednesday, December 12, 2018


Netanyahu: Hezbollah Will Get 'Unimaginable Blow' if it Attacks The uncovering of the third Hezbollah attack tunnel is part of the process of "systematically dismantling" these weapons.

Through Strength, Not Weakness, Netanyahu Looks to Normalize With Arab World For decades it has been assumed that Israel must bend over backwards in order to convince the Arab world to make peace with it.

Israel's shrinking military deterrence emboldens terrorists and hostile forces The Palestinian shooting attack which injured seven Israelis at the Ofra junction on Sunday, Dec. 9 was not an isolated incident. In the north meanwhile, Israel's Operation Northern Shield against Hizballah tunnels has become a cat and mouse game.

Abbas rival Dahlan calls for one-state solution The former Palestinian Security Services head Mohammed Dahlan says the two-state solution is not likely to be realized.

UK leader May battles confidence vote, warning Brexit is in peril Prime Minister Theresa May vowed to win a vote of no confidence triggered by angry Brexit supporters in her Conservative Party on Wednesday, saying her ouster would jeopardize Britain's divorce from the European Union.

France: A Revolt against Europe's Elites? Maybe this is it -- the start of the Western European public's pushback against the elites' disastrous multicultural and globalist project.

IDI Peace Index: Netanyahu Preferred Candidate to Serve as Israel's Next PM A recently published Peace Index of the Israel Democracy Institute and Tel Aviv University (TAU) reveals that: 46% of Jewish Israelis name Benjamin Netanyahu as their preferred candidate for the next prime minister.

Australia Reportedly Set to Recognize Jerusalem as Israel's Capital In October, new Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said he was "open" to moving his country's embassy to Jerusalem.

After U.S. Move, Israel Eyeing Site for an 'Embassy Quarter' in Jerusalem The Housing and Construction Ministry began examining a site for a neighborhood of embassies in Jerusalem.

COMMENTARY: Light in the Darkness As we approach the traditional season of Christmas, we (in the Northern Hemisphere) are all too aware of the gathering gloom of midwinter, and are anxious to help dispel the darkness with a multiple array of bright lights.