Monday, August 17, 2020


 Israel-UAE Deal is a Win-Win for Peace The United Arab Emirates will derive many benefits from closer relationships with the Middle East's most stable and advanced country.

Lebanese President Open to Peace with Israel: ‘Facilitating Construction of 3rd Temple' says Rabbi A recent statement by Lebanon’s president suggested that he would be receptive to an agreement with Israel similar to the one signed with the United Arab Emirates.

Five countries that could be next to make peace with Israel Some view the UAE decision as a trial balloon, and will react positively based on how the next weeks and months play out.

Eric Shawn: A Middle East breakthrough Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the diplomatic victory establishing relations with the U.A.E.and what comes next.

Rabbi inspects red heifer in secret location in Israel for use in 3rd Temple Rabbi Azaria Ariel, traveled to an undisclosed ranch in Israel to lead the Temple Institute’s efforts to raise a red heifer for the performance of the commandment of producing the purifying ashes of the red heifer.

A traitor and a tumor - PA demonization of UAE Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Is the Palestinian Authority setting the stage for the assassination of United Arab Emirates Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed?

French President calls for Israel-PA talks French President Emmanuel Macron speaks to PA chairman, says he is determined "to work for peace in the Middle East".

China welcomes Putin's proposed summit on Iran China welcomed on Monday to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s proposed summit of world leaders to avoid “confrontation” over a U.S. threat to trigger a return of all U.N. sanctions on Iran.

Israel’s Dilemma in the New Cold War Israel will be caught on the horns of a dilemma as China projects itself commercially, politically, and militarily into the Middle East.

No Israeli election seen soon after budget deal and UAE breakthrough The word in political circles on Sunday, Aug. 15 was that the two ruling parties, Likud and Kahol Lavon, are close to a deal for saving their coalition government.