Thursday, December 08, 2011


* Out of options: Report says U.S. must prepare to strike Iran before 2013 The United States must plan for a campaign to destroy Iran's nuclear weapons program, a leading think tank said.

* France's Sarkozy warns Europe risks disintegration French President Nicolas Sarkozy has warned that "never has the risk of disintegration been greater" for Europe in a speech in Marseille.

* Turkey to EU: say goodbye to democracy and start printing money Eurozone countries will have to give up on normal democracy and the European Central Bank (ECB) will have to print money if the euro is to survive.

* Terrorists said to be infiltrating military Al Qaeda and other terrorists are trying to infiltrate the U.S. armed forces, which makes military facilities in the U.S. dangerous for American troops.

* Kenya troops to 'join Somalia's African Union force' Kenya's parliament has approved the integration of government troops in Somalia into the African Union (AU) force fighting militant Islamists.

* Egypt's Christians split over Islamist gains An Islamist surge in Egypt has left a large Christian minority divided over whether to flee the country, stay silent, or reach out to a political force that seems guaranteed a major role in the country's future.

* EU to spend billions more on Arab revolutions The European Commission aims to plough an extra €6.2 billion into EU neighbouring countries over the coming years.

* Russia PM Vladimir Putin accuses US over poll protests Mr Putin said US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton "set the tone for some opposition activists".

* 'US expects direct Israeli-Palestinian talks' Both the US and the Quartet expect Israelis and Palestinians to meet in direct talks and exchange comprehensive proposals there on the issue of security and territory.

* Jerusalem Official: Close Dangerous Bridge to Temple Mount The Jerusalem Municipality's chief engineer Shlomo Eshkol said Thursday that he planned to issue an immediate order for the closure of the Rambam Bridge.