Tuesday, April 13, 2021


 The Cold War is re-emerging in the Middle East The Russians, as well as their Chinese “frenemies,” see America’s retreat from the region as an opportunity to swoop in, fill the void and flex their muscles. Op-ed.

Iran’s Zarif: Israel made ‘a very bad gamble’ with blast at nuclear plant Iranian FM says Tehran can now legitimately use any capacity it has at Natanz after ‘terrorist stupidity’; Russia’s Lavrov says Moscow expects nuke deal to be saved.

Iran’s “Look To the East” Precludes Any Deal with the West The Islamist regime in Tehran has delivered Iran to China in exchange for security guarantees against the West.

Iran and Russia discuss ties, the Middle East, and nuclear deal FM Lavrov says Russia shares Iran’s stance on reviving the nuclear deal and believes any potential additional agreements dealing with the region need to be reached separately.

Remembrance Day: Israel bows its head to honor 23,928 of its fallen Forty-three fallen soldiers and civilians lost their lives in the past year.

Why the Middle East Doesn’t Want to Test Israel’s Missiles Israel’s missile capabilities are perhaps among the most advanced in the Middle East.

China is Boldly Supporting Iran's Nuclear Ambitions On Sunday, Iranian officials confirmed an "incident" - a blackout - at their Natanz underground facility, where the Islamic Republic enriches uranium.

Warmongering US will have to accept a new world order with China, Russia and the EU alongside American allies’ eagerness for economic cooperation with China shows the US would be foolish to assume their blind obedience in the case of conflict.

Is Russia going to war with Ukraine and other questions Sabre-rattling or preparations for war? Since mid-March, there have been many warnings from Ukraine and Western governments that Russia is massing troops in Russian-annexed Crimea and around the eastern Ukraine conflict zone.

The U.S.-Israel Alliance Is in Good Shape Questions have been raised over the recent attack on Iran, but it looks like Jerusalem and Washington are set to continue their usually tight-knit defense cooperation.