Tuesday, April 19, 2011


* Obama holds Passover Seder US president continues tradition dating back to his time as presidential candidate, holds traditional Passover feast in White House.

* PM: Recognition of Jewish state is 'core of the conflict' Jerusalem will not budge on its demand that Palestinians recognize Israel as a Jewish State.

* PA launches campaign for EU recognition of statehood The Palestinian Authority has launched a diplomatic campaign aimed at persuading the largest number of EU countries to recognize a Palestinian state on the 1967 lines before September.

* Passover Laws and Customs Passover (Pesach) will take place this year between sunset on Monday, 18 April, and sunset on Monday, 25 April.

* Egyptians Court U.S. Foes Iran and Egypt's new government signaled Monday they were moving quickly to thaw decades of frosty relations.

* Europol: Arab spring poses terrorist threat to EU Arab revolutions and the economic crisis could increase the risk of terrorist attacks in the EU by Islamist, far-left and far-right groups.

* Nato admits 'limitations' in protecting Libyan civilians A month after the start of allied airstrikes on the Libyan regime, Nato is starting to voice frustration at the limitations of its current mandate when it comes to protecting civilians from Gaddafi attacks.

* Syrian Cabinet moves to lift emergency law while clashes rage Syria's Cabinet approved a "draft decree" to abolish the country's notorious state of emergency law as another day of clashes erupted in the simmering country's heartland.

* Quartet may formally recognize Palestinian state if peace talks not renewed American and European diplomats warned that if peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians are not renewed, the Quartet of Mideast peace makers may formally recognize a Palestinian state.

* Matza: A modern history of unleavened bread Today they are as accessible as the local grocery. You can find them traditional, whole-wheat and local, dipped in chocolate and made with honey, large and small.