Thursday, February 20, 2014


Ukraine violence: dozens killed as protesters clash with armed police Scores of people have been killed and many more injured in what has become the bloodiest day in modern Ukrainian history.

Iran nuclear deal framework 'agreed' in Vienna Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi told state media there was a "positive atmosphere" at the summit in Vienna.

Rouhani: Jerusalem Should be Liberated from Israel Iran's President, Hassan Rouhani, on Wednesday said that Jerusalem should "be liberated from the yoke of Israel."

Jordanian Sheikh: Israel Belongs to the Jews! Sheikh Ahmed Aladoan of Amman, a member of Jordan's well-known Adwan tribe, posted to Facebook this week that there is no such place as "Palestine."

PA Official: Abbas Ready for Israel as a Jewish State A senior PLO official was quoted as saying that Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas was prepared to recognize Israel - this time, for real.

3,504 New North American Immigrants to Israel in 2013 Instead of a projected decline, Aliyah (immigration) from North America to Israel actually showed signs of a slight upswing in 2013.

Bank of Israel Warns against Bitcoin A joint press release by Israel's financial establishment's leading institutions warned Wednesday that the new currency known as Bitcoin is fertile ground for fraudulent activities, and highly volatile.

King David's Tomb to Remain in Israel's Hands Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's Office (PMO) released a statement Thursday affirming that Israel will not, despite earlier reports, give away Mount Zion.

Yeshiva Students Succeed with Judea, Samaria Threat Alert App Two students at a pre-military yeshiva have created a successful project to give real-time information to residents of Judea and Samaria.

Vatican Presses for Control of Mount Zion Israel could be entering the final stages of negotiations to turn over control of Mount Zion to the Vatican.