Saturday, December 21, 2013


Putin Backs Israel's Security Needs in Middle East A pact was forged between Moscow and Jerusalem to ensure Israel's security during a private meeting last month.

Jordan to Israel: Stop Watching Temple Mount The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan wants Israel to take its "hungry eyes" off the Temple Mount.

South Sudan evacuation aircraft fired on, US troops hurt Four US service personnel on an evacuation mission have been wounded after their aircraft were shot at in South Sudan.

Erdogan blames 'international groups' for corruption scandal that rocks Turkey Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan denounced "international groups" and "dark alliances" on Saturday.

Nuclear Holocaust? Yes, He Can Whatever terrific deal Obama, Ashton and Hague pretended they had pulled off with Iran in Geneva.

Iran stages war games as nuclear talks resume The Iranian Air Force was set to launch large-scale drills Friday, as part of "annual exercises aimed at testing indigenous air defense systems".

Putin's Latest Moves Tip the Balance of Power Toward Russia With the New Year approaching, leaders across the European continent paused.

Egypt Buries the Brotherhood It's not unusual for the United States and a Muslim country to be on the opposite sides of the War on Terror.

Slaughter of Christian Women and Children in Muslim Lands Two of the most tragic Islamic attacks on Christians, killing several women and children, took place in the month of October.

IDF, PA Coordinate Christmas Merriment IDF officials announced Wednesday that security restrictions will be relaxed during Christmas to allow Palestinian Authority residents who celebrate the holiday to enjoy the festivities.