Friday, July 25, 2014


ISIL morphs into "full-blown army": U.S. intel claims "we did see this coming" The United States has revised its assessment and now regards Islamic State of Iraq and Levant as a military force..

Huge Iran al-Quds Day rallies call for "Death to Israel" Zionist regime should be demolished "by a referendum," says Iran's leader, as Rouhani blasts world's silence.

Iran: We Provided Hamas with Rocket Technology Iranian parliament speaker boasts that his country provided Hamas with the technology it has used to rain down rockets on Israel.

Officials: ISIS blows up Jonah's tomb in Iraq The holy site is thought to be the burial place of the prophet Jonah, who was swallowed by a whale or fish in both the Islamic and Judeo-Christian traditions.

US says evidence shows Russia fired artillery into Ukraine The US says it has evidence that Russia has fired artillery across the border targeting Ukrainian military positions.

UN admits its schools in Gaza were used to store Hamas rockets The United Nations has acknowledged that its facilities in the Gaza Strip were storing Palestinian missiles and rockets.

Google's New Moonshot Project: the Human Body Baseline Study to Try to Create Picture From the Project's Findings.

Israel to intensify cyber security as end of Ramadan approaches The Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) and the IDF were prepared to operate in the face of intensified threats of cyber warfare in the coming days ahead of commemorative days in the Muslim world that fall on the last days of the month of Ramadan.

Arabs Riot Near Jerusalem, Attack Security Forces Thousands of Palestinian Arabs riot in Qalandiya, throw rocks, firebombs and use live fire against IDF and Border Police officers.

Leading Rabbi: This War is God's War, and Israel Will Win Chairman of Bnei Akiva and religious-Zionist leader Rabbi Haim Druckman gives special blessing to IDF, predicts victory through unity.