Saturday, March 10, 2018


Trump says Kim meeting is 'in the making' despite concerns President Trump has tweeted that a deal with North Korea is "very much in the making", a day after revealing he had agreed to meet its leader Kim Jong-un.

Hezbollah Declares Emergency Preparedness Following Reports of Israeli Maneuvers Hezbollah has declared emergency preparedness֞ and put its forces on high alert after obtaining intelligence that Israel is planning a surprise attack with the support of the United States, the London-based Pan-Arab news website Rai Al-Youm reported Thursday.

Putin: Jews Might Have Been Behind U.S. Election Interference Last week, Putin told Washington to send him hard evidence that his citizens meddled in US elections.

Iran-linked militias, opposed by U.S., inducted into Iraqi security forces The Iran-linked Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) have been formally granted inclusion into Iraq’s security forces, a report said.

Netanyahu Opens U.N. Exhibit Honoring 3,000 Years Of Jewish History "There is a long history that is being cherished by us and by the friends of the Jewish people and the friends of truth and is being denied by those who seek to erase the history of our people."

Former Syrian General: Hezbollah Is In Possession Of Chemical Weapons According to General Sha'arq Zuhair al-Skeit, Tehran is building short- to medium-range missiles with chemical warheads in Syria.

US, IDF troops train to protect Israel from ballistic missiles together US general says Juniper Cobra exercise, which simulates a large-scale missile attack, could look similar to actual deployment of American troops to Israel in time of war

Turkish paper close to Erdogan calls for OIC “army of Islam” attack against Israel The Turkish daily newspaper Yeni ┼×afak, which is said to be close to Islamic supremacist despot President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his ruling AKP party, published an article titled “A Call for Urgent Action.”

Jupiter Will Never Stop Surprising Scientists NASA’s Juno mission keeps churning out stunning images of the gas planet’s clouds—and more mysteries about what lurks underneath.