Monday, March 13, 2017


Trump's Credibility Impacts Iran Deal Enforcement, Lawmaker Says If Trump's claim of Obama's wiretapping is false, will he be seen as the boy who cried wolf?

Far East on edge: Attack drones to Korea, largest Japan warship sets first show of force since World War II In the wake of Pyongyang's firing of four missiles into the Sea of Japan last week, the United States said it would deploy an attack drone to South Korea, Yonhap News Agency reported on March 13.

Intel Minister: Hezbollah's 'Golan Liberation Brigade' Increases Iran Risk "We will not permit Arab and Islamic countries in the region to remain in the grasps of the occupiers," the group's spokesperson said at a press conference in Iran.

Before US whacks ISIS-Syria, Al Qaeda is resurgent The main thrust of the campaign against the Islamic State in Syria ordered by the Trump administration is still ahead, but ISIS forces did not wait in their Raqqa stronghold for the axe to fall.

Record Number of Children Killed in Syria Last Year-UN London- A record number of children were killed in Syria last year, more than a third of them in or near a school.

Ministers push for state-funded Temple Mount foundation In response to UNESCO decision, new body would fight 'distortion of facts' relating to Jewish 'history, tradition and culture'.

The beauty of the Dead Sea from outer space Photos of the Dead Sea were tweeted by French astronaut Thomas Pesquet earlier this month, showing its breathtaking beauty from the rare vantage point of outer space.

UK: Islamic books promoting jihad and killing of gays and adulterers sold openly The Sunday Express visited the Madina Book Centre just off the bustling Alum Rock Road, which falls into the Washwood Heath ward.