Monday, September 23, 2013


Tens of thousands attend priestly blessing in Jerusalem Both chief rabbis also in attendance at semiannual festival event.

Obama's UN agenda: Iran, Syria, Israel The president needs to be wary so that diplomatic opportunities don't morph into stalling tactics.

Nairobi attack: Kenya forces storm Westgate centre Kenyan security forces have launched an assault on the Westgate shopping complex in the capital Nairobi in an attempt to break the three-day siege.

Egypt court bans all Muslim Brotherhood activities Court orders seizure of the Brotherhoods's funds.

Russia's Putin warns of Islamic militant spillover from Syria into ex-Soviet bloc Assad's strongest backer, Putin warns ex-Soviet allies, some with Muslim majorities that Syria violence could reach them; Russian officials express fears of Russian-born Islamic militants returning home.

Arab MK: Prevent Jews from 'Contaminating' Temple Mount MK Ahmed Tibi compares Jews to Crusaders and calls to keep them off the Temple Mount. 'Al Aqsa for Muslims only.'

Tiny US town inadvertently becomes site of neo-Nazi community After neo-Nazi moves to tiny North Dakota town, buys land, bus load of neo-Nazis makes way to location to 'plant the seeds of National Socialism in North Dakota.' 

Netanyahu: Jews can move into Hebron building near where IDF soldier killed PM's decision comes hours after fatal W. Bank attack.

Analysis: Hamas has found itself isolated and alone Egypt has turned against it, the PA is happy to pour fuel on the flames, and Israel has shown understanding for Egypt's security needs.

Germany's Angela Merkel faces tough coalition talks Chancellor Angela Merkel's triumphant conservative party is considering who to team up with to form a new German coalition after their election victory.