Monday, December 04, 2017


Jerusalem: Opposition to mooted Trump Israel announcement grows Opposition is growing in the Arab and wider Muslim world as Donald Trump is expected to announce US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

New US military moves in the Mid-East & Israel's Syria air raid were coordinated The US hands-off to Iran's top general in Iraq, Ali Abdullah Saleh's changeover of sides in the Yemen war and Trump's' thinking on Jerusalem.

Latest Israeli Airstrike on Iranian base in Syria raises questions Pro-Shiite Militia Chiefs conferring on anti-Israel operations were targets of Israeli air strike in Syria.

The truth about Trump's hesitation to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem As President Donald Trump faces another deadline in the decision over whether to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Pro-Shiite Militia Chiefs conferring on anti-Israel operations were targets of Israeli air strike in Syria  An Israeli air raid early Saturday, Dec. 2 struck a group of pro-Iranian Shiite militia chiefs holding a secret conference at the Syrian Army's 91st Brigade base near Kiswah. 

Dead Sea Scrolls Do Not Belong To Israel, Germany Says  The Israel Antiquities Authority refuses to allow the scrolls to leave Israel due to Germany's decision, prompting the cancellation of a Bible Museum exhibit. 

Britain opposes resolution condemning Israel's control in Golan  Britain joins US, Canada in opposing UN resolution on 'Syrian Golan.' 

Israel targets Syrian military base - Syrian state TV  Israel launched surface-to-surface missiles at a military installation outside the Syrian capital Damascus overnight, Syrian state TV reports. 

Middle Israel: The Israeli-Palestinian Thirty Years' War  The balance sheet of the showdown the Palestinians launched in December 1987 indicates more failure than success. 

Inside The Prospective Israel-Saudi Arabia Rapprochement  Recent events suggest the Muslim kingdom and the Jewish State may be headed for normalization. 

Why Israel Ignores Iraq  Israeli decision-makers' as well as commentators' lack of interest in the political developments in Iraq, leads them to exaggerate in Iranian influence in Iraq and lose track of alternative trends. 

Rouhani: We do not want distance from Arab world  In an indirect reference to Saudi Arabia, President Hassan Rouhani on Saturday said Iran is not in rivalry with its neighbors and does not seek to "distance" itself from countries in the Middle East region. 

"I am not American," said the Islamist; "I am Muslim"  Several years ago, when first in the United States on a teaching scholarship, one issue leapt out. 

Kim Jong-Un specified flight angle of latest missile launch, N. Korean state media said  North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un "meticulously guided" the test launch of a new model intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) on Nov. 29, North Korean state media reported.