Wednesday, June 16, 2010


* Ahmadinejad: Iran will punish West for new nuclear sanctions Iran's president said Wednesday he will soon announce new conditions for talks with the West.

* IHH plans new flotilla for Gaza The IDF tried to assisinate leader of the northern branch of the Islamic Movement.

* Gaza Flotilla Reflects Turkish Rejection of the West The recent Turkish-sponsored terrorist flotilla to Gaza is being seen by pundits as a trend towards a larger rejection of the West by Ankara.

* Afghan minerals could turn war's tide The news that Afghanistan's mineral wealth could exceed $1 trillion is an important opportunity for both Kabul and Washington.

* Israelis: U.S. Jews Should Fight Obama on Israel Sixty five percent of the Jewish public in Israel – almost two thirds – believe that Jews in the United States should be critical of President Barack Obama's policy toward Israel.

* Second Iranian ship to set sail this weekend Tehran's preparations for sending an aid convoy to Gaza are at their peak.

* US, S.Korea to keep closer eye on N.Korean subs US and South Korean navies have agreed to forge closer cooperation against North Korean submarines.

* Poles Mark 70th Anniversary of First-Ever Auschwitz Transport Auschwitz survivors and their relatives, and even two survivors of the first-ever German convoy to the dreaded concentration camp, re-enacted the route of that first transport of prisoners.

* Tough times push three more outside EU budget rules The EU's economic malaise has forced a further three states to breach the bloc's budgetary limitations.

* Israeli cabinet considers easing Gaza blockade Israel's security cabinet is meeting to discuss a possible easing of the blockade of the Gaza Strip.