Saturday, March 26, 2016


North Korean video shows nuke attack on Washington  Pyongyang ramps up threats over tensions with US and South, which it warns of a 'merciless military strike'. 

Belgian prosecutor files terror charges against 3 men  Three men have been charged with terrorist activities, the Belgian prosecutor said, adding that one of them identified only as Faycal C, was seen in security footage in Brussels' Zaventem Airport, along with Brussels attackers shortly before the blasts. 

Foreign Affairs: The war ahead of Europe  The social and political predicaments underpinning Europe's Islamist challenge ominously resemble those that caused the decline of ancient Rome. 

The Iranian connection  Questions about Iran's involvement in the Benghazi attacks persist. 

Radical sheikh: We'll sacrifice our souls for Al-Aqsa  Sheikh Raed Salah, head of the Northern Branch of the Islamic Movement, calls on Muslims to sacrifice themselves for the Al-Aqsa Mosque. 

Islamic State explains why it doesn't attack Israel (yet)  Palestine is not the Muslims' 'primary cause,' IS article argues; ending Saudi control of Mecca and Medina takes precedence. 

* 'Terrorist flow to Europe is Turkish policy' & 'SAS in Libya' ‚'Jordanian kings' US briefing leaked  'The UK has covertly deployed special forces in Libya, Israel is turning a blind eye to Al-Nusra, and Turkey wants radical Islamists to prevail in the Middle East and go to Europe, are the shocking insights King Abdullah of Jordan confidentially shared with US lawmakers. 

Jordanian FM to Abbas: Cameras to be installed on Temple in coming days  The foreign minister said after the meeting that the installation of the cameras was a Jordanian initiative, and that the goal was to "expose all trespasses or assaults on holy sites." 

UN nuclear chief: Terrorists have means, knowledge to build the bomb  IAEA head Yukiya Amano says world leaders must do more to ensure extremists cannot get hands on material for atomic weapons. 

Israel ranked 24th in 'Global Terrorism Index'  Iraq tops list with nearly 10,000 terror fatalities in single year; France in 36th place after wave of deadly terror attacks.