Monday, January 27, 2020


Trump to unveil Israeli borders map for first time in peace-plan rollout US President Donald Trump's plan for Israel and the Palestinians is a chance for peace, he said upon Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's arrival in the White House on Monday.

Trump's Mideast peace plan will be 'historic': Netanyahu Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday said he expected US President Donald Trump's peace plan for the Middle East to be "historic" ahead of a trip to Washington.

Long line of Israeli-Palestinian peace bids precede Trump push U.S. President Donald Trump is expected to present to Israeli leaders details of his long-delayed peace plan for Israel and the Palestinians on Monday.

Palestinians decry Trump peace plan before he meets Israeli leaders U.S. President Donald Trump is expected to disclose details of his Middle East peace plan to Israeli leaders on Monday as Palestinian officials decried it as a bid "to finish off" the Palestinian cause.

Israeli Security Forces Brace for Violent Riots Ahead of Trump's Peace Plan Reveal The Israeli military has been placed on alert in anticipation of the release of U.S. President Donald Trump's Middle East peace plan, currently scheduled for Tuesday.

Islamic State group pledges to attack Israel in new-released audio message 'In the coming days, God willing you will see what harms you,' IS launches warning.

Washington on tenterhooks for "dramatic event" re Arabs and Israel during Netanyahu visit The "dramatic event" kept under close wraps appears to be some breakthrough in Israel-Arab ties that will be revealed during PM Binyamin Netanyahu's visit to the White House this week.

The Jordan Valley Is Not Up for Negotiation The Jordan Valley, in its full scope and broadest definition, is essential to Israel's national security.

Prince Charles Praises Iranians, Says Willing to Visit Iran The heir to the British throne, Prince Charles, has told the Sunday Times newspaper he would like to make an official visit to Iran.

Official PA TV: 'Israel building "the alleged Temple" under Al-Aqsa Mosque Official PA TV reporter: 'There is construction work taking place under Al-Aqsa Mosque to build alleged Temple of Solomon..."