Monday, October 28, 2013


Will Jewish incursions at Temple Mount provoke a new intifada? Temple Mount in Old Jerusalem, a place of profound significance for Christians, Jews and Muslims alike, is undoubtedly the most explosive piece of religious real estate in the world.

Iranian officials remove anti-American posters in Tehran Posters questioning US honesty in nuclear talks put up illegally, says Tehran city official.

Report: Putin seeking to resume Russia-Egypt military ties amid US vacuum Following weakening of Egypt-US ties, Sunday Times reports Moscow may be eying Egypt's Mediterranean ports for naval use.

Car bombs kill scores in Baghdad, in sign of crisis in Iraq Nearly two years after the U.S. troop withdrawal, Iraq is in the midst of a deepening security crisis as an al-Qaeda affiliate wages a relentless campaign of attacks, sending the death toll soaring to its highest level since 2008.

IAF strikes underground rocket launchers in Gaza following rocket attacks on Israel Israel strikes in response to 2 rockets fired from Gaza Strip.

Syria Kurdish fighters seize border post from Islamists Kurdish fighters in north-east Syria have taken control of a border crossing with Iraq from Islamist rebel groups.

Discrimination Against Jews Continues at the Temple Mount Israeli Police continue to prevent Jews from visiting Judaism's holiest site. Witness: we were humiliated because we were Jews.

Iran metes out 80 lashes to Christians for communion wine drinking Christian group urges Iran to reconsider punishment, not infringe on civil rights.

Netanyahu: Israel doesn't fear solitude on Iran, but we're not alone PM says many in int'l community share Israel's views on Iran; Iranian deputy FM travels to Vienna to meet IAEA chief Amano.

* 'Breakout time': Report details how Iran could achieve undetectable nuclear capability A leading U.S. think tank has assessed that Iran was ready to assemble its first nuclear weapon.