Monday, June 02, 2014


Air Force 'Second Only to USAF,' Says Its Commander Major General Amir Eshel says by years' end, the Air Force will soon be four times as effective as it was 2 years ago.

'Peace talks will fail if West Bank construction resumes 'Netanyahu Slams Unity Gov't, Says 'Abbas said 'Yes' to Terror' Official Israeli response rejects negotiating with terrorists; Cabinet debating imposing more sanctions on the PA after unity declaration.

Bennett: PA government made up of 'terrorists in suits' Left-right divide seen in Israeli reactions to Palestinian unity government; Yair Lapid warns against overreaction

Arab Israelis Find Israel 'Good Place to Live' An annual survey of Arabs in Israel directed by a Haifa University sociologist shows they are self-identifying as Israeli Arabs rather than as Palestinians in greater numbers and increasingly believe Israel is a good place to live.

Abbas swears in Palestinian unity gov't despite last minute difficulties PA president swears in unity gov't with Hamas in Ramallah after compromise on Ministry of Prisoner Affairs reached.

Darwin enters Israeli schools, but humans left out Education Ministry introduces theory of evolution to core curricula, but human-ape connection omitted out of concern for Orthodox

Israeli Professor: New Testament is a Jewish Text A prominent Israeli professor writing in the free Israeli daily newspaper Israel Hayom continues the trend of Jews both here and abroad reclaiming Jesus and even the New Testament as their own.

EU states at odds over Juncker Jean-Claude Juncker may have been endorsed by Germany for the European Commission top job, but Italy and France have signalled opposition, while Britain has warned about the consequences of choosing the former Luxembourg PM for the post.

King Juan Carlos of Spain abdicates King Juan Carlos said his son Prince Felipe would "open a new era of hope"

Saudis to prosecute homosexuality, and atheism on social networks Saudi official says that up to 25,000 Arabic language Twitter accounts are carrying out a "planned culture war."