Monday, April 01, 2019


Tiny First Temple find could be first proof of aide to biblical King Josiah Rare seal impression from 8th century BCE, bearing the name Nathan-Melech, found in dig at large Iron Age administrative center in Jerusalem's City of David.

Cracks in the UN's abuse of Israel The United Nations continues to single out Israel for vilification, but some Western countries are beginning to wake up. Opinion.

Is There a Shift Towards Arab-Israel Normalization? In what feels like more movement towards Arab-Israeli normalization, a top United Arab Emirates official seeks to improve ties between Israel and the Arab states.

Abbas: U.S. to Allow Israel to Annex Parts of West Bank, Give Hamas Gaza The Palestinian leader spoke in advance of the anticipated roll out of what US President Donald Trump is calling the "Plan of the Century" to resolve the Israeli-Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Reports: Islamic Jihad planning large Gaza attack to derail ceasefire talks Anonymous Israeli security officials said to warn of recent suspicious activity by the Iran-backed group along the security fence surrounding the Strip.

Temple Mount: 'Most Interesting Site in the Middle East...Also the Most Pessimistic' The Temple Mount, a place of deep holiness for Jews, Christians and Muslims must be one of the most photographed buildings in the world...ever.

Syria Threatens to Unleash Tunnel Warfare Against Israel First, it was Hamas, and then Hezbollah.

Brexit: EU nervous over UK's 11th-hour rethink The EU is closely watching the indicative votes process in the UK parliament today.

UK: Radical Muslims Welcome, Persecuted Christians Need Not Apply In rejecting the claim for asylum of a man who converted from Islam to Christianity, and presumably compelling his return to Iran, the British government is effectively sentencing him to death.

Egypt's Israeli-Hamas deal further shakes Jordan's Hashemite throne The Hamas activists who spearhead radical Muslim Brotherhood opposition to Jordan's King Abdullah were encouraged by Israel's consent to the deal with Gaza's Hamas rulers that was brokered by Egypt.