Wednesday, November 08, 2017


Iran threatens to hit Saudi, Abu Dhabi and Dubai air and sea ports, ships more missiles to Yemeni Houthis  Military tensions rise in the Gulf region amid Iranian threats and supplies of extended-range missiles to the Yemeni insurgents. 

Trump in China: Will Xi pressure US leader to accept his vision of global future?  The Chinese leg of US President Donald Trump's grand Asian tour is expected to focus on North Korea and trade imbalances. 

U.S. to Pay Lockheed Martin $26M for Laser Weapon  Lockheed Martin has been awarded a contract to develop a laser weapon that can be fitted on military fighter jets.

Iran Seeks European Lifeline as US Brings Nuclear Deal Into Douby European leaders say they are determined to keep alive the accord, which offered Iran an economic lifeline and opened new investment opportunities for European businesses.

Saudi Arabia says Lebanon has declared War against its kingdom There was no immediate comment from the Lebanese government.

"We Are Going to Burn You Alive!" Muslim Persecution of Christians, June 2017 Jesuit Father Henri Boulad, an Islamic scholar of the Egyptian Greek Melkite rite, held no punches in an interview concerning the motives of Islamic terror and Western responses to it.

Saudis accuse Iran of 'direct aggression' over Yemen missile Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has accused Iran of an act of "direct military aggression" by supplying missiles to rebels in Yemen.

Watch: Palestinian Terror Group threatens IDF, promises war with Israel The organization, which has been classified as a terrorist entity by both the EU and the US, boasts of preparing for a major conflict with Israel.

Poll: 67% of Arab Israelis reject Israel as a Jewish nation-state 58% of Israeli Jews say Arabs who resist country's definition as Jewish should lose citizenship; 66% say Arab parties shouldn't be in ruling coalition.

PM: Seeing the Balfour Declaration as a crime is the root of the Israeli-Arab conflict Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the Knesset plenum on Tuesday, to mark the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration.

Report: North Korea Ready to Launch Biggest Missile Test As sunrise nears on the Korean Peninsula, a new report suggests North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un will conduct his largest-ever ballistic missile test on the eve of President Donald Trump's first state visit to South Korea.

Leaked German military doc predicts EU collapse & rise of pro-Russian 'Eastern bloc' by 2040 The German military has outlined six "worst-case" scenarios for the future of Europe by 2040.

New York City Submits to Islam The media began to paint Muslims as the victims of Saipov's attack -- not the dead and the wounded victims of the terrorist.