Monday, November 14, 2016


ISIS calls New York Thanksgiving parade an 'excellent target' The ISIS terrorist group has threatened an attack on the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City, the New York Post reported.

Let's All Go To The Arafat Museum On the anniversary of his death, it is important that we remember Yasser Arafat (8 or 9 other names, including the ubiquitous Mohammed, may be added as needed) as a murderer, a liar and a thief.

Trump warns Obama: Don't force solution on Israel President-elect Donald Trump's aides reportedly warned President Barack Obama not to "even think about" trying to push for progress on the Israeli-Arab conflict between now and January 20.

Iran claims intelligence on Israel-US involvement with terror groups Iran claims intelligence on Israel-US involvement with terror groups.

Iran inks China military pact while mulling $10 billion Russian arms deal According to Russian and Iranian reports, Tehran is mulling a $10 billion arms deal with Moscow and has inked new deal with Beijing.

Israeli bill to muffle Muslim call to prayer stokes tempers on all sides "The problem could also be resolved through dialogue and agreement, but all the right-wing wants to do is create a provocation," Joint List MK tells Post.

MK Glick to speak at Kahane memorial Kahane was shot to death in New York in 1990 by an Egyptian-born terrorist.

'Supermoon' lights up sky around the world The moon has come closer to Earth than at any other time since 1948.